Comment #2920 by: gB at about 19:53 on November 3, 2007
Rad, Adam! Radam, you might say. Except you shouldn't. As that's dumb.

Comment #2919 by: Adam at about 13:14 on November 3, 2007
Wish me luck! All may not be lost.

Email from me to guy who bought Cordoba:

> Mr ********: It is my understanding that you have purchased the
> 1981 Cordoba that was recently on eBay. I live in Chicago, and I was
> going to purchase the car -- and you beat me to the punch by about 18
> hours! Anyway, if you decide that the car isn't for you, and you'd like
> to make a quick profit on it, do let me know. Best of luck with your new
> car! -- Adam --


Thanks for the email.

Keep my email information and call in about 30 days... by then I should have
the car back in Illinois and have a better idea whether my wife is happy
with it.


So, I'll wait 30 days and make another run for her. The car was in WV, and the new owner lives in Naperville -- so if he does sell it, it's much closer!

Comment #2918 by: Adam at about 21:44 on November 2, 2007
Adding that little media player above took me nearly 2 hours! Firefox can be a pain in the ass as it is not nearly as tolerant as some other browsers. I also hate that I now have to load my code into multiple pages to see how it will behave. It can be a pain! You get some functionality working in one browser only to break it in another. As Peanuts characters put it, "Uuuugh!"

Comment #2917 by: Adam at about 12:12 on November 2, 2007
Ummm.. No thanks -- You all know how I handle grief -- I buy cars. The bank said I can have up to $40,000 to buy a car. They sent me a blank check.

Fear not - I don't plan on spending it. The plan is to wait until after the Car Show in February because there are a few cars I'd like to see in person before making a purchase.

The issue I'm having with a new cars is that there is really nothing out there really calling me. I want to see the new BMW 1 this spring.. a BMW 3 would be sweet.. But increasingly, I'm attracted to Mazdas. A 3 perhaps, or Speed6? Or maybe an Acura TSX.

Don't know.

Comment #2916 by: Dave at about 11:57 on November 2, 2007
I was just looking up some information for grief support groups for one of my clients. Do you need me to hook you up with some services?

Comment #2915 by: Mitch. at about 09:48 on November 2, 2007
That's too bad Adam. Sorry to hear that.

Comment #2914 by: Adam at about 22:16 on November 1, 2007
Oh well... I'm sad to report that I was able to raise the capital to go after that 'Doba, but it got purchased just hours before I called the guy.

Comment #2913 by: Mitch at about 07:46 on October 31, 2007
The Grand National is just a gorgeous machine. 'Nuff said.

Comment #2912 by: Dave at about 15:20 on October 30, 2007
The Cordoba was, in my non-car-guy opinion, the sexiest automobile you ever owned. I think it is the perfect balance of square and round, sport and sedan. Twelve thumbs up, though I think white is rather bland.

Comment #2911 by: gB at about 14:06 on October 30, 2007
That front end looks like it's gonna turn into a robot. It's got very sharp lines. I like it.

Talking of Dusty (Who's got 6 cars - just sold 3?) he just sold the Fury wot's been rotting in our garage for the last couple decades.

So he's down to the rather new (2002? 2003?) pinkish brown LeSabre and the big gray pickup truck. And the silver twinkie and a giant yellow twinkie. He's still got the big blue gangsta limo as well. ('46 Chrysler Sedan)

I wonder what they'll do with the garage now.

Comment #2910 by: Adam at about 13:09 on October 30, 2007
Linked below is yet another automobile I'm kind of interested. It's a 1981 Cordoba LS, quite similar to my third car:

††1) '84 Diplomat

††2) '79 Newport (formerly owned by Dusty, then wrecked by me

††3) '82 Chrysler Cordoba LS

Of all of the old cars I've had, I think the LS was my favorite. The one linked below is being offered for sale is of dramatically low miles (about 38,000), and is in superb shape.

It has the slapstick shifter (between the seats) where my old one had it on the column. (I like the slapstick better!) It has air conditioning. The only thing that kept me from purchasing this car the day I found it was it has the "Slant 6" six-cylinder engine. Performance is .... uninspiring. Those of you may remember my Diplomat having that poor, underpowered (about 95 HP!) slant six requiring about 12 seconds to propel itself to 60 miles per hour.

And if you remember that, you might also remember, that among many other reasons, we usually took the Dodge anywhere we went because it got spectacular gas millage! I could drive all week on $6 of gas ($.95 gallon-gas notwithstanding!)

At any rate, I may add this vehicle to my fleet after deleting the '75 from my collection. The very low millage is really the kicker.

Opinions appreciated.

(Also -- I don't have any pictures of my Diplomat or Cordoba -- If any of you have any, I'd love to have them!)

Comment #2909 by: Khan at about 20:50 on October 25, 2007
Buried aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

Comment #2908 by: Adam at about 09:55 on October 25, 2007
Praxis? I thought Praxis blew up at the beginning of Star Trek VI. :)

(We have to respond in person -- they'll recognize the Universal Translator!)

Comment #2907 by: BurninatorX at about 06:42 on October 25, 2007
Peoples of the Earth,

How goes it? It's been a while, so I thought I'd touch base.

First, I started a new game on SBW, Tikal, "jungle fumble", password "trogdor".

Our games seem to be going much, much slower than they did at one time...

Random personal status report follows:

So, with all the trouble I had this summer finding a job, I eventually decided to accept a job as an Assistant Manager at a Waldenbooks store, and give up on teaching for the time being (this despite paying $200 to take (and pass) two PRAXIS tests I needed to apply for my NC teaching license). Now, I'm enjoying my first job in a mall, also my first with a big corp. My return to the random world of retail scheduling is perhaps not as enjoyable, as I find myself with irregular and unpredictable days off. Other than that, everything is much the same. Our second day of heavy rain is annoyingly falling on my day(s) off this week, but that is certainly forgivable as we are in the midst of a minor drought. Kristin is doing well, enjoying her job, not getting to play as much music. I still play board games every week, and a lot of WoW.

I just read "World War Z" and generally loved it, although I wasn't totally smitten with the last, say, fifth of the book, as Brooks let me down a little bit with the way he tied it up. I'm currently listening to the last Wilco CD a lot (we both enjoy it), as well as the Tortoise/Bonnie Prince Billy cover CD... their version of "Daniel" blows my gourd, and "Thunder Road" made me go out and buy a new copy of Born to Run (my lp is in terrible shape).

In general, I still miss the midwest, and don't feel at home here. I'm looking forward to the move to Norway, as an adventure and a necessary step toward a brighter future. However, it frightens me a little too, as it's such a big move and it puts me even further away from friends and family.

Well, I hope you all are well. Drop me a note if you feel like it.


Comment #2906 by: Thursday at about 14:00 on October 24, 2007
You forgot "Consider it a divorce!"

Comment #2905 by: Monday at about 12:00 on October 24, 2007
I'll be back.

Also, "Stick around" and "Let off some steam."

Comment #2904 by: Explorer at about 06:45 on October 24, 2007
Me too. Me too.

Hey Monday! How does it feel to be a memory?



Comment #2903 by: gB at about 21:28 on October 23, 2007
Fixed now. Apparantly the Moose-Lips page was having issues with my Firefox and opening loads of new windows for no discernible reason.

Comment #2902 by: gB at about 21:22 on October 23, 2007
Why does every link in the Function Box site suddenly open a new window? By clicking here to add a comment, I now have 4 instances of Firefox running instead of just the one.

Comment #2901 by: Skate Shoes at about 08:43 on October 23, 2007
How to tie me!!!

Comment #2900 by: gB at about 07:40 on October 23, 2007

Comment #2899 by: sushives (EDIT) at about 07:08 on October 23, 2007
This item edited by Adam. It is here only for reference for the next comments. The item previously here was from a bot advertising shoes or something.

Comment #2898 by: gB at about 00:13 on October 22, 2007
Yeah, we've got the 3D Nightmare Item. The Davenport Theater is also showing rad old 1950's horror flick double features every Thursday in October. Awesome idea, good selection of movies, terrible choice of weeknight. Were it Friday or Saturday I'd totally be there every time.

Comment #2897 by: Mitch at about 19:49 on October 21, 2007
gB: Just got back from 30 Days and I thought it was pretty good. Although it reminded me a bit of the Dawn Of The Dead remake a bit it still held it's own. And the grinder scene was just too great! Plus Weta had there hands in production so thats always nice to see.

Here is Madison they are showing Nightmare Before Christmas in 3d, is that offered in the QC?

Comment #2896 by: gB at about 16:47 on October 21, 2007
Wes Anderson appears to be in his own world and it does not share an orbit with my own. The films of his I've seen (Bottle Rocket, the first half of Rushmore and Royal Tenenbaums) all give me the same queasy uneasy nervous feeling. So whatever he's doing, he's doing it consistently. I just don't "get" what it is he's doing.
No other director has ever made me literally want to throw up. I can't quite place why he has that effect on me but the trailers I saw for Life Aquatic and Darjeeling both looked to be more of the same.


I am very much looking forward to the new Coen Brothers flick - No Country For Old Men - which promises to be a return to form after their recent couple of zany screwball 30's comedies which I found to be watchable but not worth repeat viewings.

I also look forward to Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd murder musical and The Mist looks to be the best Stephen King horror adaptation yet.

Comment #2895 by: Adam at about 16:39 on October 21, 2007
Hi guys. I saw The Darjeeling Limited last night. It's the second Wes Andersen movie in a row that I didn't like. The story was uninteresting to me. To the movie's credit, the cinematography was fun to watch.

3 out of 10 points.
-- Adam --

Comment #2894 by: gB at about 14:57 on October 21, 2007
Oi Mitch!
30 Days of Night is pretty rad.
They left out a couple things but overall stuck to the tone and story and they kept the really groovy ending intact.


Comment #2893 by: Friday at about 14:31 on October 19, 2007
Monday is obviously married.

Comment #2892 by: Monday at about 12:05 on October 19, 2007
Friday is nothing but a fraud and a sadist. He flaunts the promise of wondrous recreational possibilities which never actually materialize only to leave you dragging back to me unfulfilled and broken-hearted. You can forget about Sunday, I am Alpha, the first day of your week where you exercise the privilege of earning your keep as one of the countless glorious cogs of capitalism.

To Friday I say, "Boo to you, sir."

Comment #2891 by: Friday at about 06:02 on October 19, 2007
You all love me!

Comment #2890 by: stoltenbergensteinderson at about 11:12 on October 15, 2007
good lord, gB. that is pretty awesome.

Comment #2889 by: George Lucas at about 17:33 on October 12, 2007
Shut up!

Err... wait.

Thank you?

Comment #2888 by: totally not George Lucas at about 08:31 on October 12, 2007
Thank you George Lucas for those awesome awesome prequels! I love how they tied everything together. Of course the stormtroopers are clones of Boba Fett's dad! Of course Yoda and Chewbacca are super best friends! Of course Anakin built C-3PO! Of course Luke and Leia's mom died during childbirth even though Leia remembers how sad she was! Of course R2D2 could fly when he was young! Of course Syfo-Dias ordered the Clone Army and then vanished, never ever to be mentioned again by anybody ever again without explanation as to who the heck he was! You, sir, are a genius and I cannot WAIT for Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull!

Comment #2887 by: Chickem Eater at about 13:32 on October 11, 2007
Thank you, Colonel Sanders, for your eleven herbs and spices!

Comment #2886 by: gB at about 11:00 on October 11, 2007
I just hope they keep the sad sad sad sad sad sad ending intact.

Thank you America for enjoying Spider-Man movies so much that Sam Raimi can now do whatever he wants.
Thank you Sam Raimi for setting up Ghost House Pictures and producing well made, reasonably budgeted horror flicks for fledgling directors.

Thank you Dracula for not biting me... yet.

Comment #2885 by: Mitchell at about 07:52 on October 10, 2007
Is your ego going to balloon larger than your casa? I hope not for the backlash can be devastating. Congrats!

Please support a cool movie: 30 Days Of Night. Better yet; read it first and then go enjoy it. But please don't be all "FANBOY" after the continuity doesn't match up perfectly with the film.

Has anybody seen Halloween yet? If so is it worth my $6.00?

*Transylvania 6-5000 telephone ring*

Comment #2884 by: bo8b at about 22:36 on October 9, 2007
Ohmigosh! That's awesome, Grahm! Welcome to the exciting world of international rock stardom!!

Comment #2883 by: Adam at about 20:32 on October 9, 2007
Wow! That is huge! I wish you luck!

Comment #2882 by: gB at about 15:23 on October 9, 2007
Following Bob's lead, Mayhem Lettuce was played on the radio in London today! YAY! I'm also in talks with Les "Fruitbat" Carter about a reissue of the Carter USM tribute (from which our radio-bound songs were pulled) to be sold via the official Carter USM online shop and/or iTunes!

I'm completely bowled over by this potential development. More as it occurs.
Peace and love.

Comment #2881 by: gB at about 13:27 on October 9, 2007
Neat! I may have to rewire my living room at some point to try and capture some of that surround action. I've got the 4 speakers but they're all just wired to be L/R. It adds a nice depth but having a truer surround effect would be totally cool.

Attention Bob! It's your turn on Speilbyweb!

It's finally less than 80 degrees today!
Attention summer! FUCK OFF ALREADY!

Comment #2880 by: Adam at about 12:02 on October 6, 2007
Hello home-theater geeks --

I was looking into buying one of those self-contained, all-in-one home theater systems. I donít consider myself an audiophile, but I do like a nice sounding system. For the last several years, Iíve been using a really nice sounding, old school, two channel Kenwood amplifier paired with my Yamaha bookshelf speakers. To this day, Iím still amazed how good these Yamaha speakers sound, and they create an amazing amount of bass from a fairly small package.

Iíve never owned a proper surround-sound system Ė and as such, never really learned exactly how it works. The entry-level system Iím considering doesnít have many extra inputs, and none of them are digital. As a matter of fact, it only has 2-channel inputs. The unit has several of the popular surround decoders built in, but in some reviews I read, people were complaining that the couldnít use their other surround-capable equipment because of the limitations of only having two-channel inputs. They claimed that their ďBest BuyĒ representative confirmed this to be the case.

I started wondering about this, because I always thought you could get a Dolby Surround signal from only two channels. After some research, it turns out that I was right about that Ė Dolby Surround is in fact, delivered on just two channels. Their system works by doing some neat tricks with phasing.

To learn exactly how 4 tracks can be recorded onto just two audio channels, click here: Article from HowStuffWorks

The article even shows you how to access the surround signal without a decoder!

So this entry level system wonít be able to access external devicesí digital-surround signal, but I donít have such a device anyway.

For my home-theater-geek friends, I think youíll enjoy the above link, especially if you go back to the beginning. I knew about some of what is explained, but I was surprised to learn that Dolby Digital information is recorded between the sprocket-holes on films! Digital DTS Surround systems use CDs for audio playback in theaters.

Comment #2879 by: gB at about 13:49 on October 2, 2007
Thank you, Bob!

(I already have the B5 item. Any recommendations on who it should go to?)


Comment #2878 by: gB at about 12:07 on October 2, 2007
It was a fun wedding, Mrs. Laura Ann Stoltenberg-Anderson. Lots of groovy people and good music (your DJ rocked!) and awesome dresses all 'round and even a bit o' finger dancing.

Comment #2877 by: bo8b at about 08:53 on October 2, 2007
Yay Laura and Bill!! I'm so happy for you two crazy kids. :-)

Last I heard, we were calling that house Wadacaca ('cause it's inhabited by WAde, DAve, CAciona, and CAtt). I think Ness coined that term. I've often thought people should get back into the tradition of naming their estates, like they did in Victorian England. It serves no real purpose I guess, but I've always thought that was cool.

Comment #2876 by: laura long-name at about 22:43 on October 1, 2007
hi guys.
thanks for those of you who came to the wedding. i should have opened up a wedding-crashing invite as well, but i only today regained my sanity.
well, and i was sick yesterday.
i hope people had fun. next time we're in town, we'll have to bring our 360 or Wii,and have party-time at dave's. well, it really isn't just dave's anymore. do you guys have a name for it?

Comment #2875 by: Adam at about 09:05 on October 1, 2007

I was telling gB about Pandora. Pandora is an online music service (free) that asks you for some songs or artists that you like, and creates a playlist based on your inputs. It then streams the music to you, kind of like a personalized radio station. Check it out.. What do you think?

Comment #2874 by: Adam on behalf of Bill at about 12:13 on September 26, 2007

Please check for updated information about additional hotel accomidations and an invitation to Sunday brunch after the wedding!


Comment #2873 by: Mitch at about 13:34 on September 25, 2007
Dear Toto -

Neither is a bad (or good) Herpes outbreak.

Comment #2872 by: Toto at about 11:42 on September 24, 2007
Love isn't always on time.

Comment #2871 by: gB at about 22:18 on September 21, 2007
The Carter Forums t'weren't abuzz. PhoenixFM has a thing wherein you can listen live in a chatroom with webcams of other listeners (and one for the DJ) and talk about songs, make requests, etc. Sadly there's no record of the conversation but there were totally 3 or 4 people who were all like "Oooh! I quite like this! Who is it, then?"

And yes, you are now free to date anorexic heroin-addled supermodels.
Magic teeth optional.

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