Comment #2870 by: bo8b at about 11:22 on September 21, 2007
That is too, too exciting, gB. I was at work when you called, so I didn't get to hear it live, but I can't wait to download the podcast. The forums were talking about the song?!? I wanna see! That rocks.

Now that I'm a European rock star, do I get to date supermodels now?

  Comment #2869 by: Mike Patton at about 08:25 on September 19, 2007
Happy birthday, fucker!

  Comment #2868 by: gB at about 21:32 on September 18, 2007
Awww! Cialis wishes Dave a happy birthday too. How sweet.

Attention Bob! Did you get my message? I was just blown away when I heard it. The radio shows are podcasted so in a week or so, you can download it and hear Fruitbat stumble over your "band"'s name.
"I think it's 'bee, zero, eight, eight' or something."
It went over well on the forum. People were talking about it, saying they liked it, asking who it was. I was so proud.

  Comment #2867 by: dave at about 16:07 on September 18, 2007
We'll have a few for ya Bob. I think I've talked to just about everyone who is planning on coming, but if there is anyone else up for some Stube-ing make it there around 6:30.

  Comment #2866 by: Uncle Charlie at about 16:06 on September 18, 2007
One of you little twerps give little Davie a Birthday shocker up his tookus from his old uncle Charlie for me this evening.

  Comment #2865 by: bo8b at about 11:33 on September 18, 2007
Hey, happy happy birthday, Dave!! I'm not going to make this evening's festivities, unfortunately. Stupid work is sucking balls -- I've been on call 24-7 for the past two and a half weeks, and am not likely to be freed up for another week or so.

But anyway, have a great time tonight, and someone give him a birthday spanking from me.

  Comment #2864 by: Dave at about 10:10 on September 18, 2007
I'm afraid, George, that the only apology I'm interested in from you is your head on a pike. I'm sure that you will soon kill my love for swashbuckling archeology as well. As a result you have narrowly hedged out David Lynch for the number one position on the "movie moguls I will immediately kick in the nuts upon meeting for the first time" list.

In lighter news, here is your reminder of the Bier Stube festivities this evening. I think we will aim for six, but check back here or call for last minute adjustments to this schedule.

Attention Adam: Catch some rays, or waves or AIDS or whatever it is that people do in blackout state.

  Comment #2863 by: George Lucas at about 07:45 on September 18, 2007
Happy Birthday, Dave! Sorry about the prequels. I know you were really looking forward to them for most of your life. I guess I really dropped the ball there, huh? Well, perhaps my new movie - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull will make it up to you.

  Comment #2862 by: Adam at about 22:22 on September 16, 2007
Dave: I'm sorry to say that I'll be out of the state during your Birthday. (I'm in California!) So -- Try to have a happy birthday anyway.

-- Adam --

  Comment #2861 by: gB at about 07:42 on September 14, 2007
Are any QC folks interested in seeing Dragon Wars this weekend?

  Comment #2860 by: George Lucas at about 11:36 on September 5, 2007
Oh, snap! That is SO true!

  Comment #2859 by: Babbs at about 08:27 on September 5, 2007
I like AIRPLANE LIGHTS! "Yeah, Airplane Lights, Yeah! Weee, weee, weee!"

  Comment #2858 by: That chick from The Crow at about 08:14 on September 5, 2007
I like the PRETTY lights.

  Comment #2857 by: Mitch. at about 06:37 on September 5, 2007
I like the gold and blue party lights.

  Comment #2856 by: Adam at about 16:35 on September 3, 2007
Below is a picture of a 2009 Chrysler Cordoba Concept that a friend sent me. However, as I know nothing about this car, and can locate no information about it, I'm about 98% certain it is just someone having fun with Photo Shop. (There is a Chrysler Imperial concept that is very similar to this)

  Comment #2855 by: Adam at about 16:26 on September 3, 2007
Well, it is hit or miss whether the episodes are good or not -- it clearly depends on who's writing a particular episode. My favorites are the episodes that are either written by or produced by Conan O'Brien.

Yeah, I think it's still pretty good.. But it is hit or miss. I use the DVR quite a bit so I can fast forward or just skip the bad ones.

I'm more into Family Guy these days, but do catch a Simpson's now and then.

But the movie, really, is quite unwatchable. If per chance you do watch it, don't judge the current state of the television show based on the movie.


  Comment #2854 by: gB at about 09:15 on September 3, 2007
Caciona: They got Mr Pibb! Count me in! Moline or Davenport? Wait. That's a Tuesday. I got Tae Kwon Do. Drat!

Adam: Is the Simpsons tv show still any good? I've not watched since Dave lived in that house with Daniel off Crosstown Avenue. That was pre-Boulder so like 10 years ago?
It seemed like the show became a series of non-sequitor jokes with no actual plot and I completely lost interest. The appeal of the Simpsons was always that it was an exaggerated version of stereotypical family dynamics. When it started being "Let's put Homer in more and more ludicrous situations!" it changed to Bugs Bunny or something.

  Comment #2853 by: Caciona at about 06:52 on September 3, 2007
Dear Friends,

Sept 18th is my dear Davids birthday and that evening we will be going to the Bier Stube and would love to have you all join us if it is possible. If u cannot make it, we understand but would love to have u non the less.

  Comment #2852 by: Adam at about 21:38 on September 2, 2007
Dear friends:

You’re going to have to trust me on this one: The Simpson’s Movie is really, really bad. It’s not even as good as a really bad first-season episode. It’s like the writers forgot how to be irreverent and how funny all of the non-sequiturs they usually throw into a regular episode are. If you value your time, don’t watch this movie. Don’t even bother to watch it on DVD when it comes out.

My two cents.

  Comment #2851 by: Adam at about 11:51 on August 31, 2007
Okie Doke.

  Comment #2850 by: Mitch at about 10:55 on August 31, 2007
Adam, I don't think I will be making it down - my ATM card was taken by an evil machine and the bank "destroyed" it. It's Labor Day weekend and I have no means of getting money and I don't like using my credit cards for crap.



  Comment #2849 by: Adam at about 14:27 on August 30, 2007
"kettle Style" chips are usually a little greasier. Cape Cod chips are considered the gold-standard kettle chip, but I like Chicago-sourced (Jay's) krunchers better. Cape Cod chips taste a little 'burned' to me, as if they've been fried just sixty-seconds too long.

  Comment #2848 by: Mitc h at about 13:59 on August 30, 2007
I discovered those on a trip up to Ionia in the late 80's, I have never looked back. If the grease was cut down just a tad they would be perfect.

  Comment #2847 by: Adam at about 11:11 on August 30, 2007
Oh my God.. I’m totally addicted. I think there must be crack in Jay’s Krunchers Mesquite flavored potato chips! (They’re great in salads!) They’re on sale at Jewel, 2 bags for 3 bucks. Try ‘em!

  Comment #2846 by: Dave at about 09:31 on August 29, 2007
Have you considered the lucrative and exciting career option of becoming a gigolo.

  Comment #2845 by: Adam at about 00:50 on August 29, 2007
gB: Any news regarding the job hunt? Where are you applying? Any interviews yet?

  Comment #2844 by: Pilon/AdamV. at about 17:40 on August 28, 2007
My favorite '80's cover band is playing on North Avenue Beach here in Chicago this Satruday at 2PM. Is anybody game to go see them with me? It's a blast! Their set usually lasts up to 2 hours.

-- Adam --

  Comment #2843 by: bo8b at about 11:36 on August 24, 2007
Thanks, gB. That *was* a close game, I just got lucky on that last word.

  Comment #2842 by: gB at about 20:15 on August 23, 2007
The University should sue his parents for raising such a dumbass kid.

  Comment #2841 by: gB at about 20:14 on August 23, 2007
Wow, Bob, wow! Neck and neck until the very end! Then... KAPOW!

  Comment #2840 by: Adam at about 12:19 on August 23, 2007
This 19 year-old at Purdue gets drunk, wanders into an electrical-distribution room, and gets electrocuted. I feel sorry for him and his family’s loss, but somewhat disgusted when the parents sue the university, and settle for $500,000. Story here I agree that the doors should have been locked to such a dangerous location, but I don’t think the University and tax-payers should have to pay for this kid’s death. (A bit of digging uncovers that he had to climb over a barrier to even get to the door!) Drunk kid kills himself – game over! – Do not collect $200 as you pass go!

I’m pleased that, if you read the comments at the bottom of this story, it seems that most people agree with me.

  Comment #2839 by: Adam at about 12:07 on August 22, 2007
Scary, Sad: Not so fast, Christian Soldiers

Don't these people really know why our "enemies" hate us?

  Comment #2838 by: at about 13:17 on August 20, 2007
This comment intentionally left blank.

  Comment #2837 by: bo8b at about 09:16 on August 16, 2007
There is a Hacienda game currently out there with two more open slots. Code name: "Pampas Rumpus Seven." I think the password is still Trogdor.

And I just created a new Tikal game. Code name: "Lyncthropods R Us." Password: Mandelbrot

  Comment #2836 by: bo8b at about 13:17 on August 15, 2007
Nice! Big gratz, Dave!!

  Comment #2835 by: Dave at about 12:58 on August 15, 2007
Just a new division. I'm still with Family Resources (in fact still at Whittenmeyer campus). I get to keep my pension, vacation etc. in tact. I have just over 18 months until I vest in the pension, so I'm doing my best to stay with the company until then.

  Comment #2834 by: Adam at about 12:31 on August 15, 2007
Dave -- Is this a new position and division at your old employer, or have you jumped to a new employer?

  Comment #2833 by: Dave at about 09:01 on August 15, 2007
Hey game kids, I'm getting settled into my new job and am ready to rock the SBW once again, so when anyone starts a new game let me know.

For those not in the know (and who care) I made a "lateral move" at work (at least salary wise) from the adolescent array to the child and family array. The director of the program happens to be an old colleague from Bethany that spotted my resume. Anyway, I am working in brand new program called Brief Intensive Services that is grant funded. It is essentially an in-home counseling position where I do a little case management, a little skill building and a little therapy. The neat part is that it is a completely voluntary, grant-funded program. Clients do not, and cannot have involvement in DHS or juvenile court. I work with clients 6-17 and their families that have budding truancy and delinquency issues. Its my first week, but everything is going well, and I think I'm going to like it.

Rock on all

  Comment #2832 by: gB at about 16:38 on August 10, 2007
It's Tug Fest Time!

Beer! Carnival rides! Snow cones! Rope!

As my good and dear friend Adam once said "If there's one thing I hate it's a good carnival."

Happily, I'm leaving town tomorrow and will miss many of the "festivities". I did sample the carnival last night, allowing my daughter to ride many rides and play many games and win many goofy toys. It was fun and I've had my fill of the Tug Fest... except for tonight's Fireworks show.


  Comment #2831 by: gB at about 13:53 on August 6, 2007
Attention Gamers!

Jason totally has new Hacienda and Amun-Re games up on SPW. The password is trogdor.

Also, I'm going to Chicago next weekend to perform my 5th wedding and was just informed that I'll be performing another wedding further down the road. 2011, I think. Awesome. I keep racking up them Priest XP. I can't wait until I can turn Vampires.

Tonight, I get my hairs chopped and borrow a Pope Hat. YAY!

  Comment #2830 by: Nessssssssssssssssssssss at about 07:26 on August 6, 2007
I totally dig the orange theme on the WARNING EVERYTHING HAS MOVED PAGE. I'm not saying it should change everywhere, but good choice there.

Laura is looking for addresses of persons.
Please send yours to her via email, even if you think she has it, chances are she hasn't, or it would be much easier to have them sent to her.

She may even post a request herself after reading the email I sent back to her, so don't be surprised it she does.

I'm done now.

  Comment #2829 by: Kris at about 16:57 on August 2, 2007
Thanks Adam. My need mainly comes from my poor typing skills. when it scrolls over, It is harder for me notice if I have made a spelling error. I think you should have one big field only if you add a random button to it so I can type in a query and not know if it will search ebay, google or the weather.

  Comment #2828 by: Adam at about 23:14 on August 1, 2007
K-Ris... I made the forms a little wider. It's an aesthetics thing. Since I have so many forms, I didn't want them dominating the page. Is it really a problem that your text scrolls when you're typing a search string?

I could look into having just ONE text field, then you click the button where you want the search to occur.. That could clean things up.

-- A --

  Comment #2827 by: Grahm at about 23:05 on August 1, 2007

Wait. I mean

  Comment #2826 by: Adam at about 22:47 on August 1, 2007
Hello Guys. For those of you that have the Open Forum saved as a tab, you will have to update your bookmark. In an attempt to reduce “bots” from posting spam comments, I’m going to attempt to move where the Open Forum resides on my server. I would prefer not to implement usernames and passwords, or text-verification schemes, so I’ll give this a try.

You’ve no doubt noticed that I removed the email and link fields on the Open Forum. The link field was rarely used, and I removed the email field to try and reduce spam to your inboxes. Spammers have robots troll guest-books, blogs, and other sites in an attempt to harvest posted email addresses. The good news is that FunctionBox’s Open Forum resides in a CGI database, and not as raw html, so bots were unable to harvest anything.

If you care to leave your email address in a posting, put some extra spaces in it just in case “bots” figure out how to read the Open Forum.

-- Adam --

  Comment #2825 by: Adam at about 10:37 on July 31, 2007
In short, the new Chrysler Lifetime Power-train warranty covers the original owner for the lifetime of the vehicle. Of course, there are some caveats: You must get your car inspected every five years by an authorized Chrysler dealership, and you have a sixty day window to have this inspection completed. If you miss your five-year inspection, your warranty will be voided. This warranty will cover major repairs to the power-train: engine, transmission, drive-line -- the expensive stuff. This new warranty is in addition to the already-existing 3 year, 36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty that most manufactures offer.

Sounds like an excellent confidence builder to me!

  Comment #2824 by: Mitch. at about 07:10 on July 31, 2007
Adam: Do you know the whole detail on the new Chrystler powertrain warranty? I have looked but can't find any "small print" on the issue and the only thing I could find is that it does not cover the SRT and "some fleet vehicles".

  Comment #2823 by: Mitch at about 06:27 on July 31, 2007
This is an issue!

  Comment #2822 by: bo8b at about 10:21 on July 30, 2007
In terms of hanging out, the 3rd is no good for me, but the 5th should be alright. That's a matinee performance, so we'd have time for socialization and you could still get home by a decent hour.

  Comment #2821 by: Kris at about 14:20 on July 29, 2007
Adam, how about widening the search field for google on the front page? Frequently I find I am typing in search phrases that are wider than the field. Thanks again for the site and all.


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