Comment #2720 by: gB at about 14:30 on June 15, 2007
Belay that red alert! Silence the klaxons!
I solved the riddle and have played Dave's turn at Hacienda. I scored him 14 points. I think he would've wanted it that way.
Meanwhile, I'm really not comfortable taking his turn at Reef Encounter. I don't grok that game one bit.
Jason? Kris? Bob? Anyone?

  Comment #2719 by: gB at about 10:46 on June 15, 2007
Attention Dave:
You're probably already dead but in the unlikely event that you get this message, I cannot login to spw by using your name as your password. I also tried "loki" just in case. No dice.

EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! Tikal game suspended indefinitely!

If it IS too late and you're already dead, rap three times on the table if you can muster the energon. Oh, and say hi to Lao Tzu for me.

  Comment #2718 by: Nesssssssssssssssssssssssss at about 09:17 on June 15, 2007
DAVE - have a fantastic trip. I have no traveling advice aside from when I went there they had a Jack The Ripper walk in the night time hours. It might be worth looking into. I unfortunately did not go on this as it was the night we arrived and I was too tired. Paris is awesome.

JASON - Please keep me posted, either through this or other medium of your happenings in the area. I would love to hook up with you and your lovely wife.

EVERYONE ELSE - Hi. How's it going?

  Comment #2717 by: BurninatorX at about 08:26 on June 15, 2007
Dave - Have a great time!

Attention other residents of the QCA:

My wonderful wife and I will be visiting my family in Cordova, Hillsdale, and Bettendorf very soon. We should be in the area from 6/27 through 6/30. One of the nights will involve a family dinner to celebrate the birthdays and anniversary of my mother and father. Other than that, we might be free, and I'd love to see the lot of you. Please keep me posted about goings-on in the area, and I'll try to work some action into my schedule.

Y'all rock,


  Comment #2716 by: Dave at about 07:01 on June 15, 2007
Thanks for the words of advice, you two. It is a redeye flight, so I hope to be able to get some sleep, but I don't usually do well sleeping in cramped unfamiliar surroundings, drugged or not.

As for London attractions, I'm definitely seeing the British museum, although my conscience will suffer a little knowing that all the fantastic art and history I am admiring is the bi-product of centuries of theft and murder under British colonialism. If you can't create your own culture you can certainly steal it.

As for SBW, I've set my temporary password to proxy under my usual handle, so anyone can have a go. I am currently only involved in the Tikal and Reef Encounter games. I'd like to try a game of T&E at BGG when I return.

Catch you all on the flip side.

  Comment #2715 by: Adam at about 22:13 on June 14, 2007
Attention Dave! International travel can be a terrible, terrible thing if you're traveling economy. Two words: Advil PM! Yes -- on your way to the airport, pick up some Advil PM and pop one just as you are getting on the plane. You'll sleep through your trip, and the Advil will help you with any aches one tends to get sitting in those cramped quarters.

Have fun!

  Comment #2714 by: gB at about 22:07 on June 14, 2007
I'm using the email in the email link on this and other posts to this forum. It's my sexiest email.

London is rad. You'll totally dig it. I heartily recommend the Tate Modern Art Museum and the British Museum if you like looking at really neat stuff hung on walls and behind glass display cases.

Our Hacienda game has ended so right now you've just got Tikal leftover. Perhaps Kris (who is not involved in that game) would like to take over for you? That might be slightly more fair. If not, I'll totally do it.

  Comment #2713 by: Dave at about 21:41 on June 14, 2007
We will start in London Drive through Whales, take a ferry to Ireland for week, back to London, York, Edinburgh and the Chunnel to Paris for a few days.

What e-mail are you using at present?

  Comment #2712 by: gB at about 15:47 on June 14, 2007
Furthermore... if asked if you have anything to declare, the correct answer is "Oui. Ma tete est dans le guignol."
Where all are you going?

  Comment #2711 by: gB at about 15:45 on June 14, 2007
Attention: Dave
I'm your huckleberry.

Also, I'd be delighted to play your gameses for you.

  Comment #2710 by: Bo8b at about 09:55 on June 14, 2007
Oooooooh! Have a terrific couple of weeks, man!

  Comment #2709 by: Dave at about 09:06 on June 14, 2007
It seems I have made a critical error with regard to SBW. I am leaving tomorrow for a two week trip to Europe with my mother. I expect to have little or no access to the internet while there. If anyone would be interested in taking over my games let me know and I will e-mail you the password. Otherwise, I guess they will just sit there for a few weeks. Sorry about that.

  Comment #2708 by: gB at about 14:03 on June 13, 2007
Come on folks. I need one more player for the Euphrat & Tigris game.

  Comment #2707 by: gB at about 19:30 on June 11, 2007
Oi, gamers!
Over at the, I've (assuming I pushed all the correct buttons) created a new Euphrat & Tigris game. It's titled Kings Of Metal. Password: metalkings
Let's do it!

  Comment #2706 by: Saddam's jolly ghost at about 08:45 on June 9, 2007
How bout another game of Euprates & Tigris Jason?

  Comment #2705 by: BurninatorX at about 07:54 on June 9, 2007
Attention Caciona: Happy natal day!!

Attention anyone: Does anyone talk with Jef Smith? He used to be one of my most reliable online game partners... I tried to contact him about the current spate of SBW awesomeness, but he has neither replied nor shown up for gaming... could someone give him a nudge if they speak with him?

Attention gamers: For some reason, I want to get my butt kicked at Tikal so badly that I started two games...

  Comment #2704 by: BurninatorX at about 07:46 on June 9, 2007
Kris definitely sucks as bad as Grahm does. Grahm totally blocked my land expansion in the current and last Hacienda games, and Kris just blocked me from four points in the Tikal game...

Those sucky suckers from suckville!!!

I'm really curious to see how much we all suck at Wallenstein. I've never played this game at all before... the only thing I know about it is that the real life game has this cool dice-tower looking thing, with interior baffles, and that combat is resolved by throwing the various armies involved into said tower, and seeing what comes out... Unlike the other games we've played on sbw (all of which I own IRL), this game is out of print, and pretty rare. There is a "remake" game using the same rules system, with a feudal Japan theme, called "Shogun". No, this is not a remake of the old Milton Bradley game of the same name...

Game on!


  Comment #2703 by: gB at about 10:00 on June 8, 2007
Thank you, Adam, for the I-74 cam. It's been under heavy construction all week and the cam is helpful in planning my afternoon excursions.

  Comment #2702 by: Kris at about 15:32 on June 7, 2007
That was in fact little Stevie Ganser. Ness, good luck, don't worry I suck as bad as Graham does.

  Comment #2701 by: Adam at about 15:14 on June 7, 2007
Evolution VS. Creationism - Views from the Quad Cities:

Comments on a May 7th Article in the Quad City Times


  Comment #2700 by: Nesssssssssssssssssssss at about 13:41 on June 7, 2007
Hey Kris.

I'm totally Pumilio2 and have joined your game.
I will also be under the tutelage (grahm spelled this - it totally looks wrong) of Grahm who has never won a game of Hacienda. Be patient with me please.

  Comment #2699 by: Obi-Wan K'geeBle at about 13:00 on June 7, 2007
Rear Admiral Hellspawn...
Rear Admiral...
Now there's a name I've not heard in a long time... a long time.

That was big fat Stevie Ganzer, right? Now I wanna watch that movie we made at Chad's house wherein he was the kid from the Terminator movie and all the movie villian stereotypes were jealous of robot villians getting all the glory so they kidnapped him so as to prevent further sequelage.

Best line: "So many ninjas!"

  Comment #2698 by: Connor McLoud at about 11:34 on June 7, 2007
BeBop Mac was never a daddy!
Get your facts straight, you lousy fesh!

  Comment #2697 by: The Ultimate Minnow at about 11:26 on June 7, 2007
I'm afraid I'm going to differ this one to my entrusted councilmen: Johnny No Eyes and BeBop Daddy Mac The Human Buttcrack. Until they have spoken, I withhold my testimony.

  Comment #2696 by: Counselor Durango's Ghost at about 11:26 on June 7, 2007
(or something)

  Comment #2695 by: Shrike Boy at about 10:26 on June 7, 2007
I think there was only one widow, and she's probably dead now too, so no harm done there. What's the status on Rear Admiral Hellspawn? Last I heard he was running special ops. in Australia. No I fucking kid you not, I believe this to be true. Maybe he was in Melbourne. Maybe he had a sex change and plastic surgery. Wade, did you consummate your secret love and marry Rear Admiral Hellspawn?

  Comment #2694 by: Mr John Smith at about 09:34 on June 7, 2007
As a former high ranking LLO operative now in the witness relocation program, I am troubled by this insensitive lampooning of the goals of our organization. There was, and now remains, only one goal for the LLO. To liberate the good citizens of Le Claire from their freedom.

...and for shrike boy to prank grieving widows.

  Comment #2693 by: Caciona at about 21:06 on June 6, 2007
Hey there all! This weekend at Chez Dave will be my fabulous 24th bday party! Saturday night, anytime after 5. There will be booze, there will be eats and there will be a Caciona for all your birthday spoiling. You are all invited, and feel free to galavant to our humble abode to partake in the festivities. Hope to see you all there.

  Comment #2692 by: Dave at about 15:50 on June 6, 2007
We are finishing up A CoC game this evening (hopefully). You should definitely keep me informed of your availability though.

  Comment #2691 by: WadeMS at about 12:45 on June 6, 2007
It hails back to a time, where the vision of a few young men was to challenge the heart of a nation, and capture the imagination of a city teetering on the brink of partylessness. Yes, among its many feats, the Leclair Liberation Organization founded a hospital for parties in the shadow of the '74 bridge, so that once more one and all could partake in the joy that was so venomously denied them by adult life.

Does that answer your question?

Dave's House, is the short answer.

  Comment #2690 by: Adam at about 11:58 on June 6, 2007
For those of us not-in-the-know, what is a LLO Party Hospital?


  Comment #2689 by: gB at about 11:23 on June 6, 2007
Yay for more games!

Talking of games... I'm probably free tonight. Is there to be radness at the LLO Party Hospital?

  Comment #2688 by: KRIS at about 11:15 on June 6, 2007
I forgot, so you know how to spot them, the description for my game will be inbred, cornfed, braindead.

  Comment #2687 by: Kris at about 11:12 on June 6, 2007
Attn. gamers:

I will be creating a Wallenstein and Hacienda games for enjoyment. Nich Lohman and Ashley Brandt will be joining us for some games from here on out. I have given them the trogdor password so they may show up in some new woodburn games. Any games that I create shall have the password hottpants.

  Comment #2686 by: gB at about 11:08 on June 1, 2007

  Comment #2685 by: WadeMS at about 06:36 on June 1, 2007

  Comment #2684 by: gB at about 22:43 on May 31, 2007
42 stringed guitar

  Comment #2683 by: BurninatorX at about 11:23 on May 31, 2007
Attention Gamerz:

I wanted to add that, although I love playing games on sbw, I don't feel the need to be in every game... so, if someone else wants to start games, it's really easy, just click "create game." I just felt sort of bad that I'm the only one who's in every game, now, and didn't want anyone to feel limited by the games I start...

Btw, thanks for playing, I'm having lots of fun, and it's nice to have some contact with y'awl.


  Comment #2682 by: BurninatorX at about 08:13 on May 31, 2007
Attention gamerz,

For kicks, I started new games of Reef Encounter, Tikal, and Hacienda... the usual password.

I will notify some other potential players, such as Jef Smith, Chris Lackey, and Sean Wolfe, as well.


  Comment #2681 by: gB at about 11:42 on May 29, 2007
HAHA! Wow. Star Trekkin'! Haven't heard that in ages.
Kirk's a badass.
*sets my phaser to "awesome"*

  Comment #2680 by: Adam at about 08:29 on May 29, 2007
Because, you know, Captain Kirk ALWAYS shoots first! "Ah, we come in peace, we come in peace, we come in peace -- shoot to kill, men!"

  Comment #2679 by: gB Tiberius at about 08:02 on May 29, 2007
I've not seen the eps but I have seen side by side screen shot comparisons of various spaceships and planets and such. It's an awesome idea.
They're cutting lines though? That's ludicrous! I'm glad they're not pulling a Lucas and have already released the original series on DVD before making these new versionses.

The Unpleasant Surprise Exchange is the best dialog in any episode of television ever. How dare they alter it!

"It's coconut and vanilla! They're both white!"

  Comment #2678 by: Adam at about 07:46 on May 29, 2007
gB: Any chance you've seen any of the re-worked with-new-cgi-scenes orginal Star Trek episodes? ( They're a lot of fun (as they are only slightly modified).

My only dissapointment is that many scenes have been removed, bits of dialogue, which is common in syndication. I only hope a DVD version arrives with uncut episodes.

In the scene referenced below, the "Chocolate, ma-ble, bastashio" line is missing, along wich Nurse Chapel's reaction. I haven't noticed a lot missing, just little bits here and there.

I give the effort a thumbs up. At least Edith Keeler doesn't shoot first in these updates!

  Comment #2677 by: Evil Kid at about 22:58 on May 28, 2007
Chocolate wobble snachio.
And peach!

  Comment #2676 by: bo8b at about 14:55 on May 27, 2007
Yes, yes. Please contact the Bo8b if there is fun afoot. He's at his p's for the weekend.

  Comment #2675 by: gB at about 18:05 on May 26, 2007
So I'm fetching my kiddo tonight and I'll have her all day Sunday and Monday. If anybody has any kiddo-type activities going on, I'm open to suggestions.

  Comment #2674 by: gB at about 08:22 on May 25, 2007
Happy 30th birthday, Star Wars... you doddering, senile old fuck. I'll try to remember you as you were - young and full of life, altering cinema forever, bringing serialized sci-fi back to life and inspiring a generation of kids who all wanted to grow up to be Luke, Han or Leia.
I'm sorry that you grew up into a soulless, endlessly franchised series of glossy video games. I want you to know that I'll always love you. Even Phantom Menace. Just please make your two new TV series' better than that hideous and wretched Attack of the Clones flick, okay? Please?

  Comment #2673 by: WadeMS at about 14:40 on May 24, 2007
I'll get you all for this, I'll get you all, some snackles.

  Comment #2672 by: Nesssssssssssssssssssss at about 14:33 on May 24, 2007
Hey - Happy b-day Wadems.

Tate says so too!!!

  Comment #2671 by: Catt at about 10:07 on May 24, 2007
We're having a small gathering tonight for Wade's birthday, nothing huge. But we'll no doubt have a belated birthday shindig in the coming weeks to celebrate it proper, like. I'm hoping some folk we rarely see (and some we do see often) can make it. Will keep you posted on details.
But, yes - happy birthday, Wade. xxxx


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