Comment #2670 by: laura at about 09:07 on May 24, 2007
happy birfday wade!!

  Comment #2669 by: gB at about 08:32 on May 24, 2007
...sitting in the sand to celebrate Wade's birthday!

  Comment #2668 by: bo8b at about 08:22 on May 24, 2007
Everyone would gather on the 24th of May...

  Comment #2667 by: bo8b at about 10:35 on May 22, 2007
Sorry, took me a while to read the T&E instructions. I have now successfully assimilated the knowledge and took my turn.

That is all.

  Comment #2666 by: gB at about 15:44 on May 21, 2007

  Comment #2665 by: Today's Weather at about 14:26 on May 21, 2007

Port Byron:

  Comment #2664 by: Adam at about 08:40 on May 21, 2007
Nope -- That makes sense. Thanks!

  Comment #2663 by: gB at about 20:27 on May 20, 2007
Storytelling economy would be covering lots of ground storywise - moving the plot along, establishing characters and their relationships - quickly and efficiently.
All told, the two seasons of Clone Wars cartoons add up to only 2 hours or so. Each episode is only 3 or 4 minutes long and yet they manage to convey exciting stories and cool characters. It's rad stuff.
I can go more in depth into storytelling theory and what is psychologically recognizable as a "story" if you like. (The SW prequels are NOT, by the way. They're a series of action bits set up like a video game, moving a cardboard character towards a big boss at the end of the level.)

  Comment #2662 by: Adam at about 18:17 on May 20, 2007
What exactly does Entertainment Weekly mean by the "storytelling economy"? I know what storytelling is, and I know what economy means. I don't know what it means when the word storytelling modifies economy in a sentence. Was context important in deciphering this strange juxtoposition of words?

  Comment #2661 by: gB at about 17:31 on May 19, 2007
Attention: Bob!
It's your turn to play the Tigris type game. In the messages section over at BGG I posted a link to the rules that's very clearly laid out and easy to follow.

Attention: Rock and Roll Music!
Thank you for being awesome.

Attention: George Lucas!
Entertainment Weekly recently listed off the 25 best sci-fi films / tv shows of the last 25 years. Guess how many of your prequels were on the list? If you guessed zero, you're a winner! They went on to call Phantom Menace "a case study in empty pop idolatry". But wait! The Clone Wars cartoons DID make it to the list! "There's an abundance of style and storytelling economy here that was, sadly, absent from the George Lucas-directed prequels."

Attention: London!
I miss you.

  Comment #2660 by: Adam at about 14:27 on May 18, 2007
Who says '70's cars didn't have style?

Ebay Auction: 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix LJ

  Comment #2659 by: Jason at about 17:17 on May 17, 2007
Attention gamers,

I started a Tigris and Euphrates game on BGG. It's called "me and the qc". You can join the game by clicking on the misc button on the option bar on the home page, selecting online games, and looking for it in the T & E games.

Cya, JW

  Comment #2658 by: Jason at about 12:21 on May 16, 2007
Attention gamers:

I have only been successful finding BGG member info for Bo8b and gB. Please post user names, or use the geekmail function to send it to me on BGG. My BGG username is burninator23.

Reef encounter has 2 players so far, Tikal has 3.

Getting lots of new games this week, pretty excited. For Sale, Shogun (old name, new game), Battlelore, and Reef Encounter arrive tomorrow. Saturday I pick up my dogwatching rewards, Friedrich and Twilight Struggle. Woo-hoo!

I wish you all could come down for a big adult sleepover...


  Comment #2657 by: Dave at about 09:33 on May 15, 2007
OK, Jason I have my account at BGG. Lets roll.

  Comment #2656 by: Adam at about 15:53 on May 14, 2007
Regarding the Robot: My software keeps a log of all posters, and I checked the IP address of said robot. It turns out that it is from a known spammer and has been blacklisted by several black-listing services. I have since blocked that particular IP address from being able to post, and I hope that stops the problem. As I indicated previously, I really don't want to resort to log-ins, or the "type these crazy looking charecters here" types of schemes. If it happens again, I may just occasionlly move the location of the Forum on my server. If you get a 404 error because you don't enter the Forum by the main page, just go to and click on Open Forum.


  Comment #2655 by: Nesssssssssssssssssssss at about 07:39 on May 14, 2007
The robot is back and this time it has a professor????


Die Robot.

  Comment #2654 by: BurninatorX at about 09:06 on May 13, 2007

That darn Spielbyweb!!!

Another, similar, option that I can think of is playing "Tigris $ Euphrates" on Of course, you should all have BGG accounts anyway, but if you make them now, we can play the 'Geeks #2 rated game, via e-mail notification, free and easy!

This game can be confusing in a similar way to Reef Encounter... but is maybe a little easier to get the hang of. Definitely a "big-move" game.

Hope you all are having a rocking weekend.


  Comment #2653 by: bo8b at about 16:19 on May 12, 2007
Also, Spielbyweb is down again. Boo!

  Comment #2652 by: George Lucas at about 16:17 on May 12, 2007
I said, SHUT UP!

  Comment #2651 by: mitch at about 21:58 on May 11, 2007
what a bummer.

  Comment #2650 by: gB at about 18:19 on May 11, 2007
That's Andy West. He's not a Snodgrass.

  Comment #2649 by: MitcHELL at about 16:37 on May 11, 2007
Is that a Snodgrass? If it is I knew on of his Kin. More messed than us Pillon boys.


  Comment #2648 by: gB at about 15:20 on May 11, 2007
I found it on the MySpace. And yes, ladies... he's single!

  Comment #2647 by: gB at about 14:42 on May 11, 2007

  Comment #2646 by: Adam at about 13:53 on May 11, 2007
Attention gB:

I just turned on HTML so you can now use basic HTML tags, include links in your post, and insert images, like this one:

And maybe even change the font color, like this: GREEN TEXT!

  Comment #2645 by: Mrs. Hall at about 13:49 on May 11, 2007
Perhaps if you were not such a weird and uruly child with all of your independent thinking I would not have been forced to help normalize you with my bells and chinese yo-yos and late night clothing optional study sessions.

"oh no, I'm afraid the capital of Alaska is not Topeka, Adam. That will cost you your trousers."

  Comment #2644 by: Adam at about 13:46 on May 11, 2007
Envision this: I'm holding a desk-bell by the rolbolts head and dinging it as loud as I can.

"Smell my black glove and go stand by the wall."

"Rolbolt, go put your name on the board."

"Minus fifty points for the whole class!"


  Comment #2643 by: Adam at about 13:44 on May 11, 2007
"Get them, my 'rolbolts'".

Um -- That's the first time the Forum received spam. I hope it doesn't become a problem as I would rather not have to create a registration of sorts, or have people jump through hoops just to post.

  Comment #2642 by: Dave at about 09:26 on May 11, 2007
Robots are cool, even when they bring chaos, confusion and unwanted prescription drug deals. Lohman update. All are now in the QC. Fun will commence at my house around 8:00ish though no one is sure exactly when they might arrive. Henry and Rio will be along so probably there will be no going out. People are encouraged to bring their own frosty beverages. Also, it is likely that we can all make a plan to crash Em's reception around the same time tomorrow night at St Johns in Rapids City. Won't that be nice.

  Comment #2641 by: flower at about 09:26 on May 11, 2007
wait. so revitol skin care helps with sexual enhancement, breast gain, cushy lips, and a deer antler problem?

  Comment #2640 by: Nessssssssssssssssssss at about 08:57 on May 11, 2007
Some robot attacked the forum with links to....things.

Make it stop. Please, for the love of sanity, make it stop.

  Comment #2639 by: George Lucas at about 07:57 on May 11, 2007

  Comment #2638 by: Adam at about 23:05 on May 10, 2007
If Kissmekate gets zero Good Guy Points, then "Criss Cross Lovers" gets negative five-hundred Good Guy Points.

So yesterday I had a really awesome day-dream. I dreamt I ran into Mrs. Hall downtown Port Byron. She started talking to me and I took a desk-bell out of my pocket, shoved it in her face, and starting hitting the button on top causing the bell to ring. I said, I said, “How do YOU like it, be-otch!”

Yeah. That’s telling Mrs. Hall.

I really didn't like her. I was pretty sure I wasn't one of Pavlov's Dogs. I was quite sure that wasn't the proper way to treat people, children or not.

  Comment #2637 by: kissmekate at about 17:43 on May 10, 2007

  Comment #2636 by: gB at about 16:40 on May 10, 2007
I award exactly ZERO good guy points to "kissmekate" for the correct answer is "hellodolly!1!!lolz"

Also, I need a nap. Possibly two. And painkillers.

  Comment #2635 by: Wolfman Cricketlegs at about 14:14 on May 10, 2007
Settle down Dave, there'll be plenty of groins for the kicking tonight. By the way, I totally pooped on your bed.

  Comment #2634 by: Dave at about 12:25 on May 10, 2007
How bout a kick to the groin? I was planning on doing that anyway.

  Comment #2633 by: sadpandabo8b at about 11:00 on May 10, 2007
Aw, shit. I've still got another weekend of this show left, so I also will not be able to attend. Give the Lohmans a collective punch in the shoulder from me, though.

  Comment #2632 by: kissmekate at about 10:01 on May 10, 2007
gb - gimme gimme goodguy points..

and holy crap. you had a playdate with...

  Comment #2631 by: bunnygrimace at about 09:59 on May 10, 2007
ooh i have missed this open forum. stupid me for not checking it sooner.
dave, thanks for the cellophone call. i will totally drive to port byron tomorrow morning. i can't tonight because i work until 8, and i'm totally not ready. so tomorrow it is. people with the plans can then call me and i will be there.


  Comment #2630 by: burninatorx at about 09:55 on May 10, 2007
I wish I could be there... sounds like lots of fun.

Please give my best wishes to Lohmans in general, as well as to Chad and his bride.

Have fun,


  Comment #2629 by: Dave at about 20:27 on May 9, 2007
Attention all those who enjoy the Lohmans. I have finally spoke with Nich and thought there are still no solid plans, he assures me they will escape from the clutches of Mary Lou and likely gatherings are as follows.

Casual game night on Thursday at my place starting around seven and ending relatively early for all you working types.

Possible carousing Friday evening after the rehearsal dinner (perhaps 8:00)

Possible crashing of Emily's reception on Saturday evening although Nich is unsure as to what time the wedding or the reception is.

Possible breakfast or lunch on Sunday.

It sounds as if their availability will be fairly good so people should endeavor to make the trip.

  Comment #2628 by: Nessssssssssssssssssssss at about 12:22 on May 9, 2007
I bumped into Chad Butterfield the other day. He had no idea the forum was up and running, and since I have no memory I couldn't give him the address.

News with him is that he's a father of a newish baby boy (approximately 3 weeks old). AWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Hopefully he emails me soon so I can pass on the forum info.

Walks by the river rule.

That is all.

  Comment #2627 by: gB at about 18:17 on May 5, 2007
For anyone planning a Lohman-centric gathering... please bear in mind that Chad Fifer's wedding is Saturday the 12th at 4:30. Jef and I will be there (and Lackey as well) so hopefully these events can be made to have minimal overlappage and maximum awesome.

  Comment #2626 by: Adam at about 15:00 on May 4, 2007
ALL OF THEM! The female sibling is getting married Mother's Day Weekend. We're trying to corral them all into one place for eating and harassing. Big D may host a BBQ.

  Comment #2625 by: BurninatorX at about 13:21 on May 4, 2007
Lohman visit? Which ones? You lucky folks.

  Comment #2624 by: Caciona at about 18:18 on May 3, 2007
Speaking for my bf as i have been known to do. Heres the scoop mr. pilon. The scoop is there are no details to speak of but they are forth coming. Daves # is as follows if you would like to call to validate this info. 309-798-7316.

  Comment #2623 by: Adam at about 15:16 on May 3, 2007
Hey -- Does anyone know the details of the Lohman visit? The phone number I have for Big D seems valid not, nor does he reply to e-mails.

- Adam -

  Comment #2622 by: ow my balls!!! at about 14:58 on May 3, 2007
Kris will be unable to see hot fuzz with you since he has already seen it. He thought it was sweet.

  Comment #2621 by: bo8b at about 13:56 on May 3, 2007
I'd love to see Hot Fuzz, but I got a gig playing sax for the pit orchestra of The Full Monty, here in Peoria. Perhaps another time.


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