Comment #2620 by: BurninatorX at about 09:49 on May 3, 2007
I'd love to see Hot Fuzz this weekend... but it's only playing out at Southpoint Mall, and I'm not going to face that insanity on a weekend... of course, you don't want to make the 19 hour drive to go there either...

gB - I haven't read a couple of the things you mentioned... I'll have to take a look at them. I've been reading the Doom Patrol trades as they come out, and enjoying them. A friend loaned me the first couple Fables trades, and I liked them quite a bit also. I've tried to re-read the Invisibles a couple times... but I get distracted by "newness." One of these days... It's so awesome.

I watched Idiocracy the other night with Kristin... pretty funny. Not as good as Office Space, but the same sort of movie that has silly gags you could enjoy and talk about... Hits a little too close to the truth in some areas, maybe...

  Comment #2619 by: gB at about 08:42 on May 3, 2007
Anybody up for some Hot Fuzz this weekend?

  Comment #2618 by: gB at about 15:03 on May 2, 2007
I hardly feel that I'm in a position to say that MOST comics are awesome. In the grand scheme of things, I've read very very few comics. It's just that I've only rediscovered how much I dig them.
After a gap of many many comicless months, I re-read Automatic Kafka a few weeks ago. Then, on the various flights on which I flew last week, I read The King by Rich Koslowski. Now, I'm reading Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers Of Victory. I also plan to re-read both Doom Patrol and The Invisibles this year. And I really want to get back into Fables. I'm way behind.
That's pretty much what I meant. That I'm once again reading comics and I find them to be awesome. I also meant that while many actual comic books are sub-par, the notion of Sequential Art is awesome.

There are many rock and roll bands who suck. But rock and roll is still largely awesome.

You know what else is awesome? Having a working refrigerator. After 12 days of living out of a cooler, I have rejoined the cooled food community.

  Comment #2617 by: burninatorx at about 12:38 on May 2, 2007
In saying that comics are largely awesome, do you mean that most of them are awesome - because I think it would be one of those rare times when I would disagree with you. I am still generally disappointed by superhero comics, and by many of the independant titles.

However, I would agree that the comics that I read are largely awesome, and I am really enjoying some of the stuff that's coming out right now. I genuinely look forward to each issue of Walking Dead, Ex Machina, Fell, Criminal, Goon, Hellboy, BPRD, and 100 Bullets. I am not sure where Loveless is going, and am considering dropping it. I remain underawed by Morrison's Batman.

I loved the character Iron Fist as a kid... and I totally missed the beginning of the new series. I guess I'll wait for the trade. Is anyone reading it? Is it good? Any recommendations?

In other media, I bought a Ron Sexsmith album, Time Being, last night. It's pretty good. Sweet and Beetles-y. I really liked a previous CD of his, Retriever.

Rock on,

  Comment #2616 by: gB at about 17:22 on April 29, 2007
The web-based spiels seem to be active once again.

In other news, comic books are largely awesome. This is something I once knew but seem to have until recently forgotten all about.

You know what else is awesome? Refrigerators. Sure wish I had one that worked.

  Comment #2615 by: BurninatorX at about 08:12 on April 29, 2007
Attention Dave:

I remembered your interest in vikings, and thought I'd send you links to a few applicable game descriptions. The first couple are pretty new (vikings appear to be the new penguins, which were the new monkeys, etc.).


Fire and Axe:



Take a look,


  Comment #2614 by: burninatorx at about 08:06 on April 29, 2007
Since I know you guys don't visit as much as I do...

"Hopefully" was the key word. I encountered a few problems, and have solved all of them but one. The site is up and running, but I haven't got domain name service running properly yet.

So in the mean time, for those who know how to do it, configure your computer to resolve as and it should work. Search here on BGG for previous threads on how to do this.

Sorry again!

Edited to add a reference to a previous thread:

*The second thread talks about changing how your computer resolves sbw, but you will have to change it back when the situation is fixed. I am not going to change it, as I expect the situation to resolved soon, and, basically, I'm an ape.

  Comment #2613 by: burninatorx at about 22:40 on April 28, 2007
SBW down again. Her'e some information from

SpielByWeb down for maintenance
Howdy folks,

I've taken SBW down for a few hours for some necessary maintenance. The downtime earlier this week was due to our host shutting us down after some nice folks snuck into the system and started using it to attack other web servers. While we think we've stopped that from happening, our host is rebuilding the operating system from scratch so that we can be sure of its security. Hopefully this will be done in the next 2-3 hours.

Sorry for the inconvenience...

  Comment #2612 by: gB at about 21:56 on April 27, 2007
I am indeed, as you say, back. I look forward to the asymmetrical alignment of cows, pigs, swamps and pampi.

  Comment #2611 by: burninatorx at about 16:00 on April 25, 2007
Created a new game, since Grahm should be back by now...

This one is on the second published map, which is a little different, being somewhat asymmetrical. I've never played on it.

Game name: ncqc showdown
password: trodgor

  Comment #2610 by: burninatorx at about 14:15 on April 25, 2007
SBW returns!

I was getting edgy for a while there, too.

This particular session is progressing much differently than the first - much more room with only four players, yet more initial conflict in the middle of the board. Everyone seems to be developing pretty well, though.

Good gaming!

  Comment #2609 by: Dave at about 08:52 on April 24, 2007
yeah, its down at my place too. Sad

  Comment #2608 by: bo8b at about 08:51 on April 24, 2007
Yeah, Spielbyweb appears to be down. Worse than that, the URL appears to be invalid. They may have let their address expire. This doesn't bode well for future gaming fun on their site.

  Comment #2607 by: Kris at about 06:54 on April 24, 2007
Are any other gamers out there having trouble with the site? I have not been able to load it since yesterday morning.

  Comment #2606 by: Johnathan at about 13:26 on April 20, 2007
Funny Will Ferrell clip: (Signer's Link)

  Comment #2605 by: gB at about 22:39 on April 19, 2007
I'm going to Florida to visit with my grandpa and my grandma and my uncle and his wife and my aunt and her wife.
Also, I'm taking Annah to Disney World and to some manner of beach.

p.s. Grindhouse was rad! It's 3 hours of zombies, car crashes and hot girls in skirts! I pray that Robert Rodriguez never ever goes back to Hollywood.

  Comment #2604 by: Dave at about 18:22 on April 19, 2007
Why are you going to Florida? Are you going to make out with some Dolphins? Loser!

  Comment #2603 by: gB at about 16:30 on April 19, 2007
Since Grindhouse is doing horribly as far as box office receipts go (due largely to opening on Easter Weekend and a budget of exactly $0 for internet marketing) they're considering re-releasing each flick as a stand-alone movie later this year.
I'm hoping for a big super-deluxe 2 DVD edition with extra fake trailers and stuff.
But then, I'm still waiting for the deluxe Kill Bill DVD as well.

  Comment #2602 by: Kris at about 15:38 on April 19, 2007
Kicking your asses was fun. I only beat Jason by 3 points however and don't expect my beginners luck to hold.

Graham - I saw the movie on opening weekend and will not be joining you. Planet Terror is kick-ass funny, but watching Death Proof directly after was quite boring for me personally. There is some fun dialog and action to be had in it, but 2/3 of it bored me to tears. Maybe as a stand alone piece it would have worked better, but it had no business following up the clearly superior Planet Terror. If you are pressed for time, I recommend skipping the second half and catching it on the DVD later.

  Comment #2601 by: gB at about 14:38 on April 19, 2007
Hacienda was fun. Kris totally kicked our asses.

I'll totally play again but not this time 'round as I'm going to Florida for a week and will likely not have access to Los Internets. I get back next Thursday and will totally play whatever games are going on then.

  Comment #2600 by: BurninatorX at about 14:19 on April 19, 2007
Attention gamers:

New spielbyweb Hacienda game is up! Same password!

Congrats to Kris who won the last game!

If people are interested in further games of Hacienda, or in starting a game of something else, like Reef Encounter, let me know!

I love exclamation points!

  Comment #2599 by: gB at about 08:19 on April 19, 2007
7:45 PM
Davenport 53

I just don't see any way around it.

  Comment #2598 by: WadeMS at about 10:10 on April 17, 2007

This layout seems to be based on efficiency and comfort, so what do you think went wrong here? It sounds like you were rather displeased with the whole experience. The idea seems sound, but yeah, tremendously costly (which makes me wonder if they're simply not spending the amount it takes to run a terminal with this layout well). It's good that they've kept in mind the aberrant perv who's wistfully dreaming away in the magazine section while the plane is boarding.

Next, I'd like to see a film on LAX, where the conceptual plan was based on being a wretched hive of confusion, anger and sadness.

Adam Reply: What ultimately went wrong was they didn’t really follow Eero’s vision completely. Dulles Airport does have the so-called mobile lounges, but they are anything but luxurious. (They look like something right out of Star Wars!) They are very similar to busses, but much larger – but not large enough to be “luxurious.” Further, they don’t actually take you to a plane or to a hanger. They take you to….another terminal where you have to walk anyway! The renovations underway are taking these out and installing under-ground moving walkways and trams.

  Comment #2597 by: Adam at about 13:52 on April 17, 2007
Have you ever traveled through Dulles International Airport? If you have, you know that getting from ticketing to your gate can be a real hassle – and if you have to collect luggage at Dulles, you know that you’re in for a long wait.

Washington Dulles International Airport and the “Mobile Lounge” concept were designed by Eero Saarinsen. He also designed the St. Louis Arch, as well as many other landmarks.

He asked his friends, artists Charles and Ray Eames, to create a film to demonstrate his concept. (The Eames’ also created “Powers of Ten”) I’ve posted a copy of the file for your enjoyment here: (File: TheExpandingAirport.wmv - About 9.5 minutes long [Signer's Link])

Incidentally, and mercifully, Dulles is undergoing a major renovation and will be doing away with the Mobile Lounges. They could have been rather efficient if they would have worked as they do in this film, but maintaining and staffing such an odd device must be terribly expensive.


  Comment #2596 by: Adam at about 13:49 on April 17, 2007
Thank God for our foreingn exchange student, who with his thick, German accent, would repeat Amanda's lines so the audience could understand what was said. :) We love you, Peter!

  Comment #2595 by: Rudolph Reisenweber at about 13:04 on April 17, 2007
It's just like old times!

  Comment #2594 by: gB some more at about 21:39 on April 16, 2007
Also, attention: Adam!

Can you perhaps please put a link on your page to the 74 bridge cam? I can never find it when I need it. I traverse the bridge every weekday around 1PM and it's often handy to know if there's congestion.


  Comment #2593 by: gB at about 21:37 on April 16, 2007
Folks! I saw Amanda West today! She and her family just moved in down the street from my mom. Our kids played together this evening. That was a bit surreal.

Also, it was just like old times. (5 good guy points for everybody who gets that joke)

  Comment #2592 by: Adam Vincent Pilon at about 22:46 on April 14, 2007
Ummm, this is too funny.... Look at "Adam's Zoom Network" on the left side of this: page. (Signer's Link)

  Comment #2591 by: Dave at about 22:13 on April 14, 2007
That's OK, Grahm. Thursday really wasn't working out so well for the rest of us either. We decided to switch back to Wednesdays. So for all those interested. CoC this Wednesday.

  Comment #2590 by: gB at about 15:23 on April 12, 2007
Attention Cthulhu Folks:

I shan't be attending the character creation festival tonight. I hope you can find it in your hearts to carry on without me.

Thursdays just don't work out as well as I'd thought they might. By 4PM, I'm just exhausted and want to curl up on my couch with various movies rather than drive all the way to Moline.


  Comment #2589 by: Haiku Bo8b at about 13:22 on April 12, 2007
Life tastes surreal now.
Last night I was wide awake.
Insomnia blows.

  Comment #2588 by: Nessssssssssssssssssss at about 11:34 on April 9, 2007
Tate birthday details:

April 22 - Sunday
1:00 p.m. at my parents place.

Be there!!

Tate will be 4.

  Comment #2587 by: gB at about 15:47 on April 7, 2007
Keep reachin' for that star, Jesus. One day you'll make it.

  Comment #2586 by: Zombie Jesus Christ at about 14:50 on April 7, 2007
I'm almost a zombie!!!

  Comment #2585 by: Earther to Klingon at about 11:42 on April 7, 2007
"Nuto gross, vreen?"

Translation: "What ship is that?, Bitch!"

  Comment #2584 by: Adam at about 11:40 on April 7, 2007
I've had it turned off since day one (HTML that is). I'll experiment with turning it on after I check to see if it messes things up. I'll let you know.

-- A --

  Comment #2583 by: HTML Joe at about 21:41 on April 6, 2007
Apparently not.

  Comment #2582 by: gB at about 21:41 on April 6, 2007
Do rudimentary html tags work in the Forum? And if so, is it awesome?

  Comment #2581 by: Dave at about 15:03 on April 6, 2007
Ummm, I think my favorite is the Big Guns trading card. That's what I call a horse-faced baby!

  Comment #2580 by: gB at about 17:23 on April 5, 2007
Follow the link for Google's idea of what pictures of "big horse-faced baby" means.

  Comment #2579 by: Dave at about 15:41 on April 5, 2007
... and I totally meant to write whinny and not whiney cause grahm is a big horse-faced baby.

  Comment #2578 by: Dave
at about 15:38 on April 5, 2007
Ok, I'll call and make sure Josh is coming tonight. Sounds like we can count Grahm out because I'm fresh out of pacifiers and burp rags and other things required to have BIG WHINNY BABIES over.

  Comment #2577 by: gB at about 14:51 on April 5, 2007
Boo! for games as I'm totally sick. Unless the game is called "Soup and Naptime" count me out.

  Comment #2576 by: KRIS at about 13:26 on April 5, 2007
yeah for games assuming there are enough players this week.

  Comment #2575 by: Dave at about 10:50 on April 5, 2007
What say you all for games?

  Comment #2574 by: gB at about 20:06 on April 3, 2007
re: Transformers The Movie...
Two words: Michael Bay

In his defense, he cast Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime. However, he failed to cast Frank Welker as Megatron. So that kinda negates it.

I'm mildly curious to see what they came up with. I like giant robots smashing stuff but I'm not expecting this flick to have anything at all to do with the twenty some years of established canon characters / storylines. Some of the names are the same but that's really where the similarities are gonna end. I may end up NetFlixing it sometime but I shan't be at the theater for this one.

Grindhouse? Hot Fuzz? Now THOSE are flicks I need to see on the big screen!

  Comment #2573 by: Caciona at about 19:25 on April 3, 2007
if you would like to view the great cuteness that is our puppy here is the link to my myspace pictures, these are the ones deemed showable by David. or myspace name is wildbutterfly13, or if you dont want to see them, u can screw yourself.

or just come over and see her, she will probably not like u though...

Admin Edited URL:

  Comment #2572 by: Adam at about 18:46 on April 3, 2007
Uh, gB -- I just saw the trailer for Transformers the Movie. Please comment. I have no words.

  Comment #2571 by: Manowar & Black Sabbath at about 14:36 on April 3, 2007
Attention Goldendoodle:

Raise high your paws to bid a last farewell to the Viking Land!


Should we fail then all prevails in Odin's court
Leading us on to the Land of Eternity
Ridin' the cold cold winds of Valhalla!!!!


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