Comment #3670 by: Adam at about 16:51 on June 14, 2010
I was day dreaming the other day thinking about how much freaking fun it would be to throw Autumn a graduation party....

Oh, and Grahm: I stopped at Dave's the other night and were talking about how much freaking fun it would be to get together and to watch a selection of videos from the "camcorder" years.

Have you considered converting them to a digital (and shareable) format?

Comment #3669 by: gB at about 10:22 on June 14, 2010
Nothing to do with karate or kids but thought I'd mention that I ran into Mike and Marla Skelton this weekend. That was fun and surreal. Marla fed me home-made iced cream which I can only assume was somehow made of apples.

Comment #3668 by: bo8b at about 08:10 on June 14, 2010
I have an 8-year-old boy in my household now, and seeing the disasterous results of children being exposed to the Star Wars prequels before the real movies (i.e. he seems to like and identify with whichever one he sees first), I took it upon myself to show him the original Karate Kid movie a few months back, before he knew a "modernization" was coming out this summer. He loved it.

Now he's really super eager to see the one with the 11-year-old. We'll probably have to take him in the next few weeks. It's getting generally positive reviews (70% on rottentomatoes), so here's hoping that it doesn't suck.

Comment #3667 by: Adam at about 08:28 on June 11, 2010
Karate Kid (2010) is receiving generally good reviews. I really like the original. It was on TMC this winter and I gave it a revisit. Itís still quite watchable to this thirty-something. But at over two-hours long and starring an eleven year old, Iíll pass.

Comment #3666 by: gB at about 05:01 on June 3, 2010
Me neither. They were probably shown in the big cities for rich kids.

I love doing music. Especially when by "music" they mean "crude boops".

Comment #3665 by: Adam at about 14:43 on June 1, 2010
It's funny to see those Commodore commercials because I can't ever, ever remember seeing one.

Comment #3664 by: Mitchell at about 10:05 on June 1, 2010
"Do music."

Comment #3663 by: gB at about 10:00 on June 1, 2010
A few months ago, I updated my internet security to boot off some freeloading neighbors and totally thought of that clip. Hilarious.

Speaking of hilarious, check out THIS business!

Comment #3662 by: Adam at about 16:05 on May 28, 2010
Leo Laporte has show called "Tech Guy." He's been around for years working in serveral media formats. Here's a clip from a recent show that I find pretty funny; a lady calls in complaining that the WiFi she's been stealing for years is now unvailable, and asks if a WiFi booster migh help her get the signal again. Have a watch:

Comment #3661 by: gB at about 08:54 on May 27, 2010
Jason Woodburn gets a shout-out in this week's HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast!
Check it out at

Comment #3660 by: Dave at about 19:03 on May 26, 2010
Happy belated birthday, ass-master. I forgot all about it. Guess I'm the ass-master after all.

Comment #3659 by: gB at about 19:00 on May 26, 2010
If you open your windows, will the fog get inside your home?
And if so, is it awesome?
And if not, why not?
Use the space provided below to explain your answer.

Comment #3658 by: Adam at about 10:45 on May 26, 2010
As most of you know, I live on the 42nd floor. Sometimes my place is higher than the clouds! I took these snaps a couple of weeks ago when the fog was rolling off Michigan Lake:

Comment #3657 by: gB at about 22:11 on May 25, 2010
The turtle was next.

Comment #3656 by: WadeMS at about 13:51 on May 25, 2010
Great song, but man, that video freaked me out, especially after the 5 minute mark.

Comment #3655 by: gB at about 12:54 on May 25, 2010

Comment #3654 by: WadeMS at about 12:32 on May 25, 2010
It brings me great pleasings to have enjoyed these wishes.

Comment #3653 by: Mitchell at about 12:36 on May 24, 2010

A Nordic asshole threatened to chop off me gummies if I didnt' wish yar a birthday happy day of funtimes and rock roll high school. Play!!

Comment #3652 by: Adam at about 08:45 on May 24, 2010
Yeah, "or something."

Happy Birthday, Wade!

Comment #3651 by: gB at about 08:28 on May 24, 2010
Is it the 24th of May already?
Happy Birthday, Mr. Wade!

May your nights fly by and your echoes test true.
May your fire be held and your pictures be moved.
May your windows be powered and your steel be caressed.
May your snakes all be arrow'd and your grace be not pressed.

Or something.

Comment #3650 by: Adam at about 10:40 on May 17, 2010
I haven't watched a new Episode of The Simpsons in years. I'm now a fan of Family Guy. I'm not sure, but Family Guy seems to be loosing luster. The last few episodes have be leaving me wanting. They've either been not-funny, or just plain disturbing.

Comment #3649 by: Adam at about 21:36 on May 8, 2010
Hi Dave. It ended up being a one day in/out trip. Dad lives in Erie now, so it is a pretty brisk trip thanks to the Eisienhower Interterstate System.

Comment #3648 by: Dave at about 19:53 on May 6, 2010
I managed to get a fresh coat of paint and new ribbons on the May pole, but other than that it was a relatively sedate Beltaine.

Adam, what happened to lunch, I was waiting for your call. Saw Mitch Saturday night and he said you were heading back.

Comment #3647 by: gB at about 14:44 on May 1, 2010
Merry Beltane, all!

Comment #3646 by: Pee-Wee Herman at about 22:29 on April 21, 2010
Then why don't you marry it?

Comment #3645 by: Adam Pilon at about 22:13 on April 21, 2010
I love that bit!

Comment #3644 by: Simply Red at about 22:13 on April 21, 2010
Simply Red, Standing by!

Comment #3643 by: Red Skelton at about 12:04 on April 21, 2010
Red Skelton, standing by...

Comment #3642 by: Red Lobster at about 10:36 on April 21, 2010
Red Lobster, standing by.

Comment #3641 by: Red Leader at about 10:28 on April 21, 2010
Red Leader standing by.

Comment #3640 by: Admiral Ackbar at about 20:24 on April 20, 2010
It's a trap!

Comment #3639 by: Admiral James T. Kirk at about 08:24 on April 20, 2010

Comment #3638 by: Patrick Stewart at about 13:02 on April 19, 2010
In light of his noble service record, may it please the court, I recommend we simply strip Commander Riker of his trousers and allow Ensign Crusher to carry out the remainder of the disciplinary "action" under my close supervision. You do, of course know why they call him Ensign Crusher?

Comment #3637 by: Admiral Bob Loblaw at about 10:00 on April 19, 2010
It is the recommendation of this court that Commander William Riker be stripped of his rank, dishonrably discharged from service, and fried up for some yummy lunchables.

Comment #3636 by: Commander William Riker at about 09:07 on April 18, 2010
Red Alert!

Comment #3635 by: Admiral Amy Piatt at about 09:51 on April 13, 2010
In short, it is the finding of this tribunal that Ensign Chicken was acting in gross negligence on the night in question... that his blatantly inflamatory response, as well as delay to action, cost the lives of many servicemen. It is the recommendation the court that Ensign Chicken be stripped of his rank, dishonrably discharged from service, and fried up for some yummy lunchables.

Comment #3634 by: Ensign Chicken at about 20:28 on April 11, 2010
Bawk Bawk!

Comment #3633 by: That Bunny at about 11:29 on April 11, 2010
Shields Up! Ensign, set course to 0.10245 on my mark.

Comment #3632 by: Captain Sulu at about 08:50 on April 11, 2010
Target that bunny and fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!

Comment #3631 by: Commander William Riker at about 22:28 on April 8, 2010
Red Alert!

Comment #3630 by: Adam at about 11:52 on April 4, 2010
Easter Bunnies.

Comment #3629 by: Adam at about 15:10 on March 28, 2010
Google pointed me to when searching for a song recently - Looks promising if you're in search of a legal source.

Comment #3628 by: Dave at about 14:51 on March 26, 2010
Proper hygiene goes a long way in preventing sickness unless, ...WAIT FOR work with kids! I practically bathed in germ-x for the majority of the flu season and licked surprisingly few doorknobs. I still contracted 4-5 colds/flus this year (about average). I'm just getting over an upper respiratory infection.

We had an epidemic of H1N1 here last fall with upwards of half of our clients and many of our staff contracting it. I was so paranoid during this time that I managed to dodge the bullet. It probably helped that I was on vacation for the week prior to symptoms popping up. As far as severity, I think this was the part that was really over dramatized. No one complained about the intensity. It was one to three days of fever and chills and not much else to report with regard to symptoms.

Comment #3627 by: Mitchell at about 10:46 on March 26, 2010
Dave: I've used Legal Sounds for 2 years and they're great. I highly suggest that site.

Adam: Augustana went crazy over Swine Flu. All it really did was allow students to have a new excuse to be "sick". I don't necessarily fear sickness because I constantly wash my hands and I don't lick doorhandles. Follow these simple rules and everything should be well.

Comment #3626 by: Adam at about 10:11 on March 25, 2010
Were any of you particularly concerned about Swine Flu last year? I know quite a few people who were actually quite concerned. No one in either my close or extended social circle were affected. I personally just shrugged it off.

Interestingly, this year's "regular" flu season is exceptionally quiet.

Comment #3625 by: Dave at about 23:02 on March 24, 2010
You can send the link to my lovemongre account. I gave legal sounds, one of the russian sites, a try. I'm a little leery of the overseas credit card use, but it has been in operation for a while and got some good reviews. Decent selection and at 09 cents a track, the price cant be beat.

Comment #3624 by: gB at about 17:01 on March 24, 2010
eMusic is the awesomest legal el cheapo mp3 getter. It's about $0.35 a song if you get the right deal. I love them and they just hugely expanded their selection. I can send you an invite, Dave, and you can do their free trial and I get some free mp3s out of it.

Comment #3623 by: Adam at about 13:59 on March 24, 2010
I've been using for a few years without any problems. Has everything!

Comment #3622 by: Dave at about 17:39 on March 23, 2010
What are people using for cheap MP3 downloads these days. Bittorrent has become a bit scary for me.

Comment #3621 by: bo8b at about 22:40 on March 17, 2010
Re: Adam's birthday... Indeed. Have a very happy birfday, Adam. And Happy St. Patrick's Day to boot.

Re: Get-togethers... sounds fun. Keep me posted!

Re: Zombies... you just leave my brains right where they are. I'ma looking into getting my FOID card and maybe a shotgun. THEN I'll be ready for the zombie apocalypse.

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