Comment #3520 by: WadeMS at about 09:54 on July 23, 2009
...and while you're at it, give Ubuntu a try. It's free as the driven snow, and "just works". Fairly lightweight, in so much as any pc will run it, yet a very complete desktop experience. There's an endless supply of free software available for it, that's no more than a few clicks away. So next time you're shopping for an OS, try a change for a change, put on some pants that are uncomfortably large, and install Ubuntu Linux. It's what my grandma would have wanted.

  Comment #3519 by: Adam at about 08:22 on July 23, 2009
Re: Hot Corners. Not exactly -- but most if not all of the "Hot Corners" functions are availalble in Windows 7 by either the sexy, shiny Areo interface -- or by using the Windows button and shortcut-key combination.

  Comment #3518 by: gB at about 16:11 on July 22, 2009
I use an iMac at work. It's very stable (once I cranked up the fan speeds to keep it from overheating) and smooth and sexy. There are a handful of things it does that I've never seen a PC do but I find a lot of things that I know how to do, as a moderately skilled computer operator, that the Mac won't let me do because it wants to do it for me.
My iMac is running OSX as well as WinXP right on top of each other. It's pretty awesome being able to bounce back and forth, utilizing strengths, or at least perceived strengths based on my comfort zones.

Does Windows 7 have Hot Corners or the equivalent thereof?

  Comment #3517 by: Adam at about 11:32 on July 22, 2009
I've never been a "Fanboy" for Apple. And I've never owned an Apple product. Reflecting on this, I think it's noteworthy that the two premier operating system companies are American. I think it's noteworthy, as well, that the top chip and processor-making companies are American, as well.

I used to have an answer when someone asked the question "What computer should I buy?". I don't think it matters anymore. The major players, Apple and Microsoft both make very good, stable, mature operating systems that are well supported by software vendors. If you want super-premium hardware with class-leading customer service, you know who to choose.

And on somewhat of a tangent, the two pre-release versions of Windows 7 are just amazing. The changes in the UI are just right, and it's very quick on even modest hardware. As evidence that it's a great operating system, just go online and read what the Apple community is saying about it: mostly, they really like it. High praise from a group that seems to be somewhat unnaturally loyal to a corporation.

  Comment #3516 by: bo8b at about 18:43 on July 17, 2009
Agreed about Nemesis, gB. Nemesis = Bad opening, pretty space shot, yuck, yuck, plot hole, yuck, great spaceship scene!, more yuck, insipid ending.

I'm one of the minority who actually liked Insurrection. I mean, First Contact was better, but I liked Insurrection way more than, say, Generations. I think some people choose to not like it because it's an "odd numbered" one. Or maybe I just have bad taste.

  Comment #3515 by: gB at about 19:48 on July 16, 2009
Insurrection is the one I haven't seen.

I enjoyed the first two, despite some major major plot holes but Nemesis was a horrible piece of crap. A horrible piece of crap with really awesome spaceships in it.

  Comment #3514 by: Adam at about 12:17 on July 16, 2009
Nope -- But I did see them hanging the lights last night. I'll be able to see and hear from my window!

Star Trek - Insurrection was on television the other night. It was the first time I've seen it since seeing it in the theaters. It's okay. Like most ST-NG movies, they seem to show better on the small screen than they do on the silver screen. Maybe it's because we grew up in the 80's and early 90's watching the cast on television -- and because the effects were so good for the time. Whenever I watch a TNG movie, I feel like I've just watched 'a really good episode of Star Trek the Next Generation,' and not a really great movie.

  Comment #3513 by: Mitchell at about 09:52 on July 16, 2009
Adam, you gonna go see Billy J. at Wrigley tonight?!

  Comment #3512 by: Adam at about 18:45 on July 11, 2009
Yes! I just found a place on Lake Michigan that rents Jet Skis! I'm excited!

  Comment #3511 by: Mitchell at about 08:16 on July 4, 2009
Sarah -

Nah, that idea is too radical for your messy party right now. Better just stick to the script.

  Comment #3510 by: Sarah Palin at about 21:25 on July 3, 2009
Dear Mitchell,

I'm resigning because I want to run for President in 2012 and I need distance myself from all my shady dealings and backstabbings and flip-floppings. Plus, I figure I can use the ensuing four years to learn to, you know, think. (wink)

Your friend,
Sarah Palin

  Comment #3509 by: gB at about 21:23 on July 3, 2009
Here's what I know: He either put on his resume or brought up at the interview the existence of the Derik Falk: Superjerk website. (Yes, it's still up.) He feels that it's a good example of how he can take criticism.
And perhaps he's right.
I'd really rather not have him diagnose me though. He might prescribe something for lyncthropodism instead of lycanthropy.

  Comment #3508 by: Mitchell at about 17:31 on July 3, 2009
Sarah Palin resigned today and is handing over her governing position at the end of July. She did not state a reason why as of yet but I'm guessing she is pregnant. I'm pretty excited to find out the reason for she is known for her integrity (at that position). I'm really hoping she developed a nasty drug addiction; but what would be great is if she developed a nasty drug addiction coupled with pregnancy.

  Comment #3507 by: Dave at about 18:03 on July 2, 2009
Is this a fucking joke?

Ok, I realize that people can change and I have a history with him that probably clouds my judgement but this goes way beyond a personal grudge. You are telling me the Derik Falk is a doctor. Would anyone else who knows him even marginally well let this boy treat them for any sort of serious illness. I'm trying really hard not to be an outright dick here but I have not been quite this surprised or upset since we elected Bush for a second term. In fact I would probably feel more comfortable with him operating on me.

Anthropologist? Fine. Lawyer? I can see that. Even a vet would be totally understandable, but there are very few professions in this world that carry with them more responsibility than a medical doctor. I have always been a cynic regarding higher education and I know that Derik isn't stupid but his critical thinking and decision making skills are abysmal. I have not had a good track record with the healthcare system and I may be starting to understand why.

I'm going to stop writing now as I found myself starting to writer some truly derogatory statements. I really don't have any animosity anymore. I'm too old to hold grudges. I am serious as a heart attack (no pun intended) when I say that I am afraid for his patients. Am I out of line here?

  Comment #3506 by: Mitchell at about 17:04 on July 1, 2009
Hey do you guys think that "rather" is actually Derek F.? Guys?

  Comment #3505 by: rather at about 15:32 on July 1, 2009

  Comment #3504 by: Some Troll at about 15:27 on July 1, 2009

  Comment #3503 by: Dave at about 13:23 on June 29, 2009
A doctor of what?!? Jumping jesus on a pogo-stick, I can only hope that no one has given that boy the authority to treat sick people.

  Comment #3502 by: gB at about 13:30 on June 26, 2009
Oh I know.
He's a Doctor in Iowa City or something.
I guess his dad didn't back his play after all.

  Comment #3501 by: Adam at about 19:00 on June 24, 2009


  Comment #3500 by: narrator at about 14:03 on June 24, 2009
That cricket in your basement is drinking milk, and one day, it will be very big, and very, very, VERY angry.

  Comment #3499 by: that cricket in your basement at about 07:35 on June 21, 2009
chirp chirp...

  Comment #3498 by: Mitchell at about 23:59 on June 12, 2009
I suggest seeing The Hangover. You'll laugh.

  Comment #3497 by: Mitchell at about 15:28 on June 8, 2009
I have to agree with A. Up was very, very sad. Very sad. Good, but very sad.

  Comment #3496 by: Doug at about 18:42 on June 2, 2009

  Comment #3495 by: Adam at about 07:59 on June 2, 2009
I saw "Up" on Sunday. Just a little bit on the sappy side, but all and all a nice story. The dogs and their translating collars are the comedy-glue. Funny stuff.

  Comment #3494 by: bo8b at about 18:25 on May 23, 2009
But please practice safe calculus. Please don't drink and derive.

  Comment #3493 by: Mitchell at about 19:01 on May 20, 2009
Please totally write and drive.

  Comment #3492 by: Grahm at about 16:38 on May 20, 2009
Totally writing this on my phone!

  Comment #3491 by: Adam. at about 10:44 on May 20, 2009
Fine Advice...

Don't fly. Check.
If I do, broadcast it. Check.

Actually -- I will attempt to put an externally-viewable webcam in my window.

  Comment #3490 by: gB at about 17:26 on May 19, 2009
If you do meth and fly from your window, please please please strap a camera to your head first. And broadcast your flight live onto the interwebs just like Pay Radio.

  Comment #3489 by: Mitchell at about 10:45 on May 19, 2009
Please do not do Meth and "fly" from your window. It's pretty high up.

  Comment #3488 by: Adam at about 07:15 on May 19, 2009
I'm not entirely sure I still have it. Something tells me I squirrelled it away someplace, but I don't recall where.

  Comment #3487 by: gB at about 21:22 on May 18, 2009
I don't see the Wire in any of those pictures. But I am happy to see the Video Toaster poster still has a good home.

  Comment #3486 by: Adam at about 21:04 on May 18, 2009
Updated pictures of my new pad. (Mostly pictures of my views) You're all more than welcome to visit anytime.

  Comment #3485 by: Mitchell at about 05:23 on May 17, 2009
Pancakes are ready!!

  Comment #3484 by: gB at about 17:38 on May 16, 2009
Earther! Barbarian!

Haven't seen Trek yet but it's been getting largely good reviews from the nerd community. Thing about a reboot is they can re-tell the existing stories. They can make a movie out of Space Seed and then make a new Wrath of Khan flick later on. They can tell some really rad stories we're familiar with in bold new ways.

  Comment #3483 by: Adam V. Pilon at about 22:46 on May 15, 2009
I saw Star Trek tonight. I really liked what I saw. I was especially impressed with the effects and the CG. They did a really nice job on the Enterprise - and the cinematography was first rate. My complaint about early all-CG movies was that the point-of-view moved around far too unnessecarily. Camera motions were relatively subdued.

In the early part of the movie, there's a scene where a young Spock gets in a fight with his young school-mates. Much of the dialogue from these scenes is lifted directly from a Star Trek cartoon - Way cool! I'm pretty sure I detected some of the music from the Star Trek cartoons, as well.

I tell ya, after watching this installment of Trek, it suddenly makes the Enterprise of yore (of the future?) feel slow and ponderous. The few times that the Enterprise unleashes her weapons is beautiful!

I really feel the movie did an excellent job of telling the story of how the original crew came together. Including Captain Pike was brilliant. It's pretty clear the movie is setting the stage for sequels as there's quite a bit of story that is left untold. I look forward (backward?) to those se(pre?)quels!

  Comment #3482 by: bo8b at about 09:04 on May 15, 2009
I remember taking the computer and firing guns at it and running it into guardrails. Oh wait, no, that was the Zephyr.

  Comment #3481 by: Adam at about 07:15 on May 12, 2009
I don't remember that day, where was I?

I do, however, remember the day you tried to Karate-Chop a Commodore computer. Autumn volunteered to hold it while you put your full mass behind your blow.

Score: Dave; 2 Points. Commodore: 0 Autumn: -1

  Comment #3480 by: Dave at about 10:25 on May 11, 2009
Do you remember that time we took our computers to the waterslide? That was rad.

  Comment #3479 by: Mitchell at about 20:55 on May 10, 2009
'Trek' takes home 72.5 million in opening weekend. Impressive.

  Comment #3478 by: bo8b at about 13:06 on May 10, 2009
Star Trek was worth the money. Despite supermassive plot holes, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

  Comment #3477 by: gB64 at about 11:18 on May 9, 2009

  Comment #3476 by: Mitchell at about 09:18 on May 8, 2009
If anybody sees the new Trek movie could you please post if it's worth the money.

Thank you.

  Comment #3475 by: Adam at about 08:22 on May 5, 2009
Happy Tuesday!

  Comment #3474 by: gB at about 07:17 on May 1, 2009
Happy Beltane everybody!

  Comment #3473 by: gB at about 05:25 on April 21, 2009
Jef doesn't really frequent the internets anymore but his info is:
jsmith at

  Comment #3472 by: bo8b at about 20:12 on April 20, 2009
Does anyone know how I might get in contact with the well-known, nay, infamous Jef Smith?

  Comment #3471 by: Mitchell at about 19:43 on April 20, 2009
Adam - what was the other satellite mapping web-site you were telling me about?


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