Comment #3320 by: Caciona at about 14:39 on September 23, 2008
there will be a very casual rehearsal the day of. if you could be dressed and ready to go at daves sisters at 130. it would be appreciated. then we could quick rehearse and go to the park for pictures. is that doable?

  Comment #3319 by: Adam at about 22:27 on September 22, 2008
Dave, Caciona: For those of us participating this weekend, is there anything else we need to know? Is there anything going on Friday night? Is there any sort of rehearsal?

  Comment #3318 by: Caciona at about 17:43 on September 22, 2008
and maybe his wife.

  Comment #3317 by: Dave at about 09:59 on September 22, 2008
Me, my projector and my giant painting of the greatest of Great Old Ones will be there. He gets to come back with me to his new home in the refurbished bedroom. I have constructed him a shrine worthy of his hideousness.

  Comment #3316 by: gB at about 20:00 on September 21, 2008
The 18th is Gayle's birthday and we're totally celebrating with some Lovecraftian goodness. There's a Blues Brothers tribute band playing in Davenport that night and the mighty New Duncan Imperials will be trashing Iowa City as well, but Lovecraft totally wins.

  Comment #3315 by: bo8b at about 07:50 on September 21, 2008
October 18th. Rock Island. Who's in?

  Comment #3314 by: gB at about 05:12 on September 19, 2008

  Comment #3313 by: bo8b at about 20:53 on September 18, 2008
Attention Dave! Have a most delightful happy birfday!

Attention Adam! I do have an extra spot in my garage at the moment. I'm considering getting something that will drive better in the snow than the T-bird, though. I'm not sure if that means I'll sell it or keep it covered and take it out in the summertime to play with it.

  Comment #3312 by: Dave at about 12:01 on September 18, 2008
I'm not too old to put my foot in your ass.

  Comment #3311 by: I-Chaya at about 10:59 on September 18, 2008

  Comment #3310 by: Adam at about 09:37 on September 18, 2008
Isn't he too old and too fat for that cake?

  Comment #3309 by: gB at about 05:07 on September 18, 2008
Happy Birthday, Dave!

  Comment #3308 by: Adam at about 23:57 on September 17, 2008
Hey Bobby: Any chance you have an extra car-hole stall in your new abode? I would like to store a car for the fall / winter months. I'll happily pay rent on said space!

  Comment #3307 by: treefire at about 11:27 on September 16, 2008
Well, I brought it with me to Norge... so we can play it when you come to visit!

I played a lot of games this last weekend, visiting a friend of mine in a small town called Veme. Pandemic (a cooperative game about stopping disease outbreaks, written by a guy from NIU), Race for the Galaxy, Pickomino, Bang!, Sushizok im Gocklewok, and Liar's Dice. Lots of games, lots of fun.

I was going to blog it, but we played so many games I don't remember them all... and I did a little too well. I won all 3 games of Race, and, out of 6 Bang! games, I won 5 times and had a partial victory the other time. I didn't do quite as well with the dice games though.

Be great!

  Comment #3306 by: gB at about 08:23 on September 15, 2008
Jason, you were missed.
We played Ticket To Ride and Munchkin Cthulhu while the kids played Godzilla on the Wii. It was a good time. Jef also had Ingenious! but I left before that was brought out, if indeed it was brought out.

I'm having a blast with Hacienda and Tikal. Hacienda is especially fun. I'd like to play it in real life sometime.

  Comment #3305 by: treefire at about 01:06 on September 13, 2008
I will not be at said party... Sadly.

I miss the good old 00-ess-ah, a land of easily differentiated and pronounced oo-sounds. And of good people. People who appreciate a cheap hamburger (or veggie burger).

I'm a long way from having my own party here, but, when I do, you are all invited! Even you, George.

As long as you promise not to make another Star Wars movie.

  Comment #3304 by: gB at about 08:15 on September 12, 2008
It's my understanding that Jen and Josh will be in attendance. I don't know if that causes problems or not but I thought it might be prudent info to pass on.

  Comment #3303 by: C at about 04:49 on September 11, 2008
PS. Caciona and Dave will also be at jefs party but not til after 5. as we are waiting for sam and josh and she has to close the shop at 5...

  Comment #3302 by: C at about 04:48 on September 11, 2008
bob, i just told george what u said. he was hurt. he was so hurt he went and made another star wars movie. thanks bob, thanks.

  Comment #3301 by: bo8b at about 19:38 on September 10, 2008
Attention Jef's party! I will be at you.

Attention everyone else! I'm trying to get a few more things set up at my place (so people can, like, sit on chairs instead of floor and stuff), then will be having my very own party. If you're reading this, then you're invited.

Attention George Lucas! Except for you.

  Comment #3300 by: gB at about 17:11 on September 10, 2008
Attention Bob!

Are you around this weekend? Jef Smith is having a cookout at his parents' house (about 2 blocks from Dave's joint) this Saturday afternoon/evening. He has requested your presence.

Anybody else reading this who hasn't been made aware and knows who Jef is and stuff should totally come. Hot dogs, burgers, veggie burgers, a Wii and possibly other items of interest will be made available to us.

  Comment #3299 by: gB at about 07:35 on September 8, 2008
Chrome is a new approach to browsers, using the premise that people use browsers to run applications (music, games, java stuff, flash stuff, etc) and thus uses memory differently than traditional browsers. This should result in a faster, more stable performance. It's got new security features as well.

  Comment #3298 by: Mitchell at about 07:22 on September 8, 2008
No. Google's Chrome. New browser.

  Comment #3297 by: treefire at about 23:11 on September 7, 2008
I have Alien Soundtracks/Half Machine Lip Moves on 1 CD from Touch & Go... thrilling stuff! Manages a gritty electric groove with undertones of creepiness. We are talking about Chrome the band, right?

  Comment #3296 by: gB at about 14:40 on September 7, 2008
HAHA! Oh, Hobo Joe! Whatever are we to do with you?

I haven't checked it out yet, Mr Mitch. I do intend to after I've read a bit more about its theoretical radness. It's an interesting idea.

  Comment #3295 by: Mitchell at about 12:57 on September 7, 2008

  Comment #3294 by: Hobo Joe at about 11:24 on September 7, 2008
I huff about 2 cans a day, and ride that silver rocket all the way to outer space. The metallic gold still the bomb-diggity though. You're talking bout spray paint, right?

  Comment #3293 by: Mitchell at about 10:09 on September 7, 2008
Has anybody messed around with Chrome yet? Pros/cons?

  Comment #3292 by: gB at about 20:37 on September 4, 2008
I really won't know for certain one way or the other until probably a week before the blessed event. It seems likely that I am unavailable so you should totally go with Sam.
If I should become available, I will gladly come co-officiate.

  Comment #3291 by: Dave at about 14:26 on September 4, 2008
Attention Grahm,
There is some scuttle butt being bandied about concerning your possible availability in a pastoral capacity for our upcoming nuptials on the 27th. Last I heard you were unavailable. Sam has agreed to take over, but is now unsure whether she will be needed. Can you confirm your availability that day? If you are unsure at this point, we should probably go with her.

  Comment #3290 by: Caciona at about 17:08 on August 31, 2008
So, in a wedding update. The wedding is Saturday Sept 27 in Bettendorf. The following Saturday which i believe is Oct 4 we will be having a friend gettogether with everyone that would have been invited to the wedding at our house. Of course you are all invited to the party. So, come over and drink a beer to celebrate with us.


  Comment #3289 by: Adam at about 16:53 on August 29, 2008
I'm posting this entry from the passenger seat of a car.... I was on my way to Canada to go to a friend's wedding, but most of the way there, my buddy tells me he forgot to bring his passport! They don't let you into Canada without proof of citizenship, let alone getting back into the US!

So a lovely eight hour drive is turning into a twenty-one hour ordeal.

Oh -- yeah, I'm posting this from a car. I borrowed one of work's "Air Cards" for the weekend, so I've been surfing the Internet for most of the trip. These things are pretty sweet. I'm able to stream audio, check work-emails, and work on my website all while mobile. As soon as these gadgets are 20% faster, and 20% less expensive, I might consider just dropping broadband. One could simply share the air-card connection with their home PCs using WiFi. The speeds are actually comparable with entry-level broadband and I've seen prices in the $50/month range.

I hate that Summer is ending. It went too fast this year. Too many weekends were planned for me. I prefer to operate in the moment rather than having to go to event after event.

I hope everyone is well. Enjoy your long "unofficial end of Summer" weekend.

  Comment #3288 by: treefire at about 07:27 on August 22, 2008

Lillehammer gets steadily more fun... I've yet to find a gamer, but I have, it seems, found some people to play soccer with. I still feel pretty isolated by the language barrier, but, not that big a deal right now.

I started some games on, all, of course, are welcome

Tikal, game name "viking gold" pw "transatlanticism"

Hacienda, game name "death market 2k" pw "transatlanticism"

Hope to see you in-game,


  Comment #3287 by: Dave at about 08:17 on August 20, 2008
Jason, I'm glad you arrived safely, if impoverished and I am also glad we had the opportunity to catch up even if there was no time for games. I also would be up for a game of hacienda.

Does anyone else think that the name of Jason's new home sounds like it should be that of a flower-hating Tolkien orc?

  Comment #3286 by: gB at about 10:32 on August 18, 2008
Jason - Glad to see you've arrived safely, despite Dee Snider's best efforts. America feels less awesome in your absence.
Let's start up a game or two of Hacienda, Tikal, etc. What say, forum-folk?

  Comment #3285 by: treefire at about 07:09 on August 17, 2008
Hello forumgoers,

I have arrived safely in Lillehammer. I've spent my days watching the Olympics, walking up and down hills, and puzzling over menus and conversations I don't understand. The evenings are spent hiding from Viking Metalheads and Dee Snyder. Not really, just kidding. Although, in fact, they were both here... this weekend, Lillehammer was host to a "metal rock fest", for which Twisted Sister was the headliner. If things weren't so expensive, and I didn't have so little money and no job, I might have made my way into the woods to watch.

Anyway, it was great to see a few of you while I was home. GL with your respective houses/weddings/sock puppets/etc.


  Comment #3284 by: bo8b at about 15:57 on August 15, 2008
I am, indeed, ordained, although I've really never used my ordination for anything useful like marrying people.

I wield a mean sock puppet, though.

  Comment #3283 by: gB at about 12:41 on August 15, 2008
My hope is that the bank end runs smoothly and the loan goes through okay and we can perhaps move the close date up a week or two. The house is vacant so that may be a potentially valid option.
If not, then my Saturday and Sunday will be devoted to emptying two apartments and filling a house so as to avoid a) having to take time off work to move and b) having to pay rent again in October.

Having said all that, legally, all you need is for me to sign a piece of paper. I can do that anytime. A crude puppet can perform the ceremony, which, actually, would be pretty awesome.

  Comment #3282 by: Dave at about 10:55 on August 15, 2008
I'm sure we can make other arrangements if you can't get away.

  Comment #3281 by: gB at about 20:11 on August 14, 2008
But seriously, 5PM on Saturday is pretty terrible for me. I'll be hauling furniture all day. Do you have a back-up Reverend? Bob? Are you ordained?

  Comment #3280 by: gB at about 19:37 on August 14, 2008
You're having a birthday party for me? Awesome!

  Comment #3279 by: Dave at about 17:25 on August 14, 2008
Bisexual bandits? Would that make us booty bandits?

NEWSFLASH 2.0: OK, change of plans, the wedding is to be Saturday September 27th at 5:00. The friends only micro reception will be the following Saturday October 4th at our house. I sincerely hope this works for everyone because the invitations are already printed.

  Comment #3278 by: gB at about 16:43 on August 14, 2008
You're getting married in Rock Island County so you go to the appropriate Courthouse and ask for a marriage license. It costs like $25 or $50 or something. The license goes into effect some time after you purchase it (1 day, 3 days, 7 days, I forget) so don't buy it the day of. It's only good for a limited time as well, but I think it's like 30 or 60 or 90 days or something.
Then, you both sign it and I sign it and you mail it back to the County. Then we all make out forever. Like bandits.

  Comment #3277 by: Dave at about 13:51 on August 14, 2008
Hey Grahm,
What do we need to do as far as the license is concerned?

  Comment #3276 by: gB at about 08:52 on August 14, 2008
I'm hopefully moving that weekend but should be able to get away long enough to sanctify your union in the eyes of the Lord. Having it at your mom's is helpful in that regard as well.

  Comment #3275 by: Dave at about 06:36 on August 14, 2008
WEDDING NEWSFLASH: Caciona and I recently had our most severe fight to date (not speaking to each other for four hours) over her purchasing a non-returnable dress that she decided was "boring." Now, considering what I see on a daily basis, I know a few hours of the silent treatment does not necessarily constitute a crisis, but we are still some 13 months from the date. Caciona really needs the day to be unique and special and doing this on a shoestring budget is proving to be a stress producing proposition to say the least. After considerable discussion about what is important to us we have decided to drastically simplify the event and move it up to next month. The plan, as of right now, is for the ceremony to take place in my parent's back yard on Friday September 26 and include only the wedding party (for forum goers that includes Grahm, Wade, Adam, Kris and Josh) and our immediate family. We, of course, would not leave the rest of our friends out of the equation and plan on having a party for the rest of you at our place the following evening. To offset the loss to Caciona (who has wanted to go back to Europe since we got together) we are planning a ten day cruise of the Mediterranean for our honeymoon which will cost us less than half of our modest wedding budget. I, of course, think this is win-win. Basically, all that we are sacrificing is the pomp and circumstance as well as the attendance of a LARGE number of extended family that I really didn't want there anyway(two thirds of our guest list consisted of aunts, uncles and cousins). Didn't mean to ramble on, just thought an FYI might be prudent.

  Comment #3274 by: Adam at about 19:51 on August 13, 2008
Yeah, right -- and Autumn will finally graduate from high school!

  Comment #3273 by: Dave at about 09:58 on August 13, 2008
Welcome to the slings and arrows of home ownership. The fact that it is newly remodeled should make your experience a much less stressful one. The downside, of course, is that you are unable to personalize it to the degree that you might like. In Casa Bernstrom remodeling news, the bedroom is actually nearing completion. I realize I have been saying that for months, however, it is really just a matter of some plastering and painting at this point. I have five coats of poly on the floor and am still not happy with it, but we need to get our bed out of the dining room. I look forward to seeing everyone at one of the several upcoming housewarming parties.

  Comment #3272 by: Adam at about 08:28 on August 13, 2008
Wow, that does sound like a bargain. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  Comment #3271 by: gB at about 15:54 on August 12, 2008
It's on 84, maybe 3 or 4 houses South of where Casey's was before it bought, destroyed and replaced the Dairy Dell.
It was a 2 bedroom bungalow but they added a 2nd story with 2 bedrooms last year, put in all new windows, wiring, plumbing, appliances, furnace/central air, roof etc etc. Huge flat back yard, hard wood floors, full basement, tiny decks on the East and West sides of the house, 2 car garage. It's a steal at $119,900. We offered $110,000. They counter-offered and met us about halfway. I believe we'll accept.

It's still within walking distance to my mom's and to all our friends in the apartment complex and the river. It's got 4 bedrooms and a ceiling fan in each room. It's very nearly perfect.


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