Comment #3270 by: Adam at about 12:08 on August 12, 2008
Wow - That's big news. Where is the house located?

  Comment #3269 by: gB at about 09:26 on August 12, 2008
I look forward to seeing the joint! Looks like you've got a great yard for cooking out and stuff. It'll be fun to merge your Peoria Theater geeks with your QC Gamer geeks.

In similarly themed news, Gayle and I made an offer on a house last night! We're hoping to haggle a bit and then close on Sept 25th and move that weekend just in time for me to have a birthday/housewarming party.

  Comment #3268 by: bo8b at about 21:52 on August 11, 2008
Almost all moved in. I gotta head back to Peoria next weekend for one last load, and I'm still living out of boxes, but yup. I call myself a Quad Citian now.

Once I get a chance to take a breath, I'll get stuff unpacked and put away properly, then I'll invite you all over for a party.

  Comment #3267 by: gB at about 08:54 on August 11, 2008
Attention Bob: Are you moved in yet?

  Comment #3266 by: gB at about 08:54 on August 11, 2008
Evidently we won the tug again. I think that makes it 12-10 in PB's favor. The fireworks were awesome. The carnival was not. PB had 5 kiddy rides (2 of which were broked), 3 inflatable jumpy things and Skee Ball. The End.
I didn't run into anybody I hadn't seen in a million years though I did see Brian Stocking from afar and chatted with Wendy and Mitch and Dave and Caciona and, via Jason, John DeTombe.
Seeing Jason was the highlight as he's off to Norway in a couple days. We gotta get back on the spielbyweb games in order to keep in touch with him.
Also, my co-worker Ashley came out with her bf. That was cool.

I may take Annah to the LeClaire carnival next year. They have real rides over there.

  Comment #3265 by: bo8b at about 16:58 on August 8, 2008
Bah, I was cut off from the internet this week. Sorry I missed you guys... I shoulda called, I know, I know.

I agree with Caciona on Guffman. Having lived the community theatre life, I recognize a lot of the characters in this movie from people I know in real life. Even without that comparison, though, I still think it would be a funny movie.

  Comment #3264 by: gB at about 16:01 on August 6, 2008
I'm to be hanging out tonight at Jason's parents' house which lies atop a hill betwixt PB and Cordova. Bob, Dave, anybody else reading this whom I like, if you want to come hang out and probably play games, gimme a call by 6:30.

  Comment #3263 by: CC at about 16:34 on August 5, 2008
Waiting for Guffman is incredibly funny. It is about community musical theater, and being a theater nerd perhaps I find it more funny than most. But, still a must see.

  Comment #3262 by: treefire at about 19:21 on August 3, 2008
I loved Tap... I listened to the soundtrack many times... it has super wonderful moments... but over it's length it can, unfortunately, put me to sleep a bit, too. Don't feel the need to own it, but I'd watch it again.

Speaking of movies, I saw some sort of notice that for every person that adds Chris Lackey's movie (The Chosen One) to their que on netflix, they order a copy. So do it. I hope I didn't read that here, and am double posting, but, if so, I apologize for the plaguarize, and I hope yawl will forgive..

On the subject of possible fun... dear mom says she's well enough for visitors. Anyone who's up for swimming and maybe gaming, probably tomorrow or Wednesday, maybe some foods, give me a call tomorrow. I'll not be at the P's tonight. The number in Cordova is six five four, followed by two six, then two nine.

I have limited access to internet, as parents don't deem it necessary to existence.


  Comment #3261 by: gB at about 17:02 on August 3, 2008
See, I've seen Tap like probably a few dozen times. I love love love it. But then I'm coming from a background of enjoying heavy metal and so the mockery hits closer to home for me than for Adam. And I first saw it in high school so it has a nostalgia factor for me.

Everything Nigel says is comedy gold.

Best In Show is genius. Infinitely re-watchable.
Mighty Wind isn't as good but is totally fun. I own it and have watched it 3 or 4 times.
For Your Consideration was simultaneously too over-the-top and too sad for my tastes. I didn't like it much.

Haven't seen Guffman yet. Am curious.
Best In Show is a flick I watch at least once a year. It's tremendously funny every time.

  Comment #3260 by: Adam at about 12:12 on August 3, 2008
I watched "This is Spinal Tap" yesterday. It's been on my list for a long time, because I'm very fond of many of the other Christopher Guest / Michael McKean / Harry Shearer mock-umentary films.

These films are hit or miss for me. (Liked: Best in Show, A Mighty Wind; Didn't like For your Consideration and Waiting for Guffman). I'll have to put Spinal Tap on the didn't-like list. I don't know, although it was mildly amusing, it didn't really have the laugh-out-loud moments that some of the others have. There wasn't much character-differentiation, either. Maybe that hurt it for me.

I've decided that if a movie is re-watchable, then it goes on the "I like it" list -- This is Spinal Tap isn't particularly re-watchable for me.

  Comment #3259 by: treefire at about 17:09 on August 2, 2008
Or, maybe, you want a cameo coc player...

Well, I got into town safely last night. Babysitting for my sister tonight, family gathering tomorrow. Not sure about Monday.

My access to the internets is limited right now, but I'll try to get a plan for this week and have something up tomorrow night.

Yawl rawk,

  Comment #3258 by: Dave at about 07:32 on August 1, 2008
It just occurred to me that, in addition to this weekend, we have our regular Tuesday night CoC game (7-10)that I'm sure people wouldn't mind switching up for boardgames this week.

  Comment #3257 by: Dave at about 07:28 on August 1, 2008
We have a few other options for games if people are willing to drive in to the cities. We have small room in the back of Sam's tattoo studio where we play CoC. Josh gave the tentative go ahead to use it, but it would be a little cramped for a large group and impossible to play multiple games simultaneously. My place is a bit of a war zone on the main floor at the moment with Caciona and I using the dining room as a makeshift bedroom until the remodel is finished. The upstairs, however, has plenty of space after the roommate exodus and could probably be outfitted with some makeshift gaming tables. I guess it really depends on how many we expect to have.

  Comment #3256 by: treefire at about 20:01 on July 26, 2008
I will try to set something up as soon as I learn, from my family, when the various family get-togethers will be. I always have to plan around quality time with nieces and nephews etc.

I may try to spring some or all of the following on you: Tikal, Space Dealer, Arkham Horror, Game of Thrones, Hollywood Blockbuster.

Also, not sure we will be able to game at my house. My dear mother has been somewhat under the weather lately, and I don't know if she'll be up to having guests, even ones as amenable as yourselves.

Moving sux, but I look forward to seeing old homies, that's for sure.


  Comment #3255 by: gB at about 21:32 on July 25, 2008
The usual rigmarole is that Jason calls me when he hits town and I help him coordinate on account of I've got all the phone numbers and stuff. Bo8b and Dave, rest assured that we will find you and games will be played.

  Comment #3254 by: bo8b at about 09:14 on July 25, 2008
Jason, I won't be officially up in the area until the evening of the 3rd, but if games are afoot at any point after that, let me know!

  Comment #3253 by: bo8b at about 09:12 on July 25, 2008
From what I understand (bless my parents for doing a quick drive-by after the storm), I've got some clean-up to do when I get up there, but nothing too serious. A tree was blown over, through some power lines and onto my property, but fortunately it missed the house. The electric company has been out and gotten things fixed on their end, so I just have to pick up some branches and whatnot.

  Comment #3252 by: Dave at about 06:39 on July 25, 2008
Jason, let me know when and where for games. Saturday the 2nd at your parents?

  Comment #3251 by: Dave at about 05:47 on July 25, 2008
Hey Bob,
Did your house weather the storm OK? I understand that area got hit pretty hard.

  Comment #3250 by: Treefire at about 22:04 on July 24, 2008

Friday, August 8th, I will plan on being in PB hanging with gB and anyone else who happens to be interested. Love to see you all. Hopefully, I will then visit the Tug a bit on the 9th, as I haven't seen it in a while. Maybe I'll see some old Riverdale homies. Prolly not. I think that night I will head up to old DeKalb for some tasty enchiladas de bistec at Rosita's, some barley sodas at AmEx, and a late-night ramble fest at chez P Herbert. Maybe some Renaissance Faire on Sunday. Who knows?

I should arrive at the Woodburn homestead on the 2nd or so, and may be available for evening boardgaming if anyone is so inclined. A hunk of my collection is currently making a slow trip accross the Atlantic, but I should still have a fair number of interesting games to choose from. Real life (as opposed to sbw) Tikal for anyone?

  Comment #3249 by: Dave at about 15:11 on July 24, 2008
Mitchell, call me if you still wish to go Tubing. We are leaving Saturday morning around 8:00. If anyone else wants to tag along for a tubing adventure on the Iowa River near Eldora we have one seat unspoken for in our vehicle. The weather looks like it will be awesome for said event.

  Comment #3248 by: Dave at about 15:34 on July 22, 2008
Really, The Dan Smolenskis will be there? Are they bringing candy? They sure gave out some delicious candy to all their paper carriers. Too bad Dispatch carrier, wherever and whomever you may be.

  Comment #3247 by: The Dan Smolenskis at about 13:24 on July 22, 2008
We'll be there!

  Comment #3246 by: gB at about 07:20 on July 22, 2008
Awesome Jason! I've just emailed you this info but I want to say for the benefit of everybody here that Aug 8-10 is Tug Fest and we should all gather and watch Fireworks in your honor.


  Comment #3245 by: treefire at about 22:32 on July 21, 2008

I haven't posted here in quite some time, for which I am a little sorry. I hope you all are very well.

We are keeping extremely busy here in NC. However, I will be visiting the QCA between the 2nd and 12th of August. Hopefully, I can work out something to see as many of you as possible.

This is extra important to me this time, as when I leave the QC my destination will be Norway, and I know not when I shall return.

So, a little preliminary warning that I will be in town. If there's anything going on in that time period, please let me know, so I can try to be there for it. Otherwise, I am going to be coming up with some sort of whirlwind midwestern tour that takes in Iowa City, Dekalb, Round Lake, and probably Madison, along with my beloved Cordova. Kristin will not be with me, unfortunately, as she will already be in Norway working at her new job in Lillehammer.

Rock on,


  Comment #3244 by: Batman's motorbike at about 13:40 on July 21, 2008
Except in that one part where/when I totally rode verticaly up the wall and did a 180 degree turn and landed perfectly back on my tires and then I totally ran strait at the Joker and then I totally laid down a controlled slide as to not hurt my master and not hurt the Joker. Other than that, it, he, we and they are probably the best thing (ever) this week.

  Comment #3243 by: Batman at about 12:13 on July 21, 2008
I'm awesome, you guys.

  Comment #3242 by: Adam at about 12:16 on July 16, 2008
Yo: Happy Birthday!

  Comment #3241 by: gB at about 07:53 on July 16, 2008
Hey you guys. It's totally Vanessa's birthday today.

  Comment #3240 by: Adam at about 12:20 on July 14, 2008
Oh - I get it!!! - Rodney! - Sorry I missed you this weekend. Next time!

  Comment #3239 by: Adam at about 12:18 on July 14, 2008
Hi there. I'm sorry to say that I don't know who wrote that last comment. Can you give me more clues?

  Comment #3238 by: NuclearBoi at about 10:05 on July 12, 2008
Hey, I am comming to the fest. At least you could call. This time I promise not to end up in St. Jo's for a week after an exhausting day at the beach.. LOL Can't wait to catch up. LOVE the SITE...

  Comment #3237 by: gB at about 08:11 on July 9, 2008
Wow! Check out your sunroom! And your yard! Awesome!
Do you get to keep that fruit rug in the kitchen?

And Mayhem Lettuce didn't retire. We've just been on hiatus for like 6 years, though there were a few brief recording sessions in 2005, resulting mostly in songs about robots.

If Wade brings a guitar, I'll bring my notebook (on account of I don't know the words to my songs anymore) and we'll rock that spacious yard to bits.

  Comment #3236 by: bo8b at about 07:38 on July 9, 2008
Forte! Ha ha ha. Probably not a great idea -- I don't know if Nich has kept up with his drumming, but I can tell you that my guitar-playing has been sadly neglected in recent years. If Mayhem Lettuce can be convinced to come out of retirement and play a mellow house gig, that would be awesome.

Laura, Ness, Nich, and Ken (of Forte! fame) are all invited, of course. :-)

House details: it's a big ol' split-foyer off of Wolf Road in one of those subdivisions between Colona and Geneseo. Probably way too big for just little old me, but I got a really good deal on it, and couldn't pass it up. The good news is there will be plenty of room to grow into, and plenty of room for people to crash (as soon as I get some guest bedroom furniture). The bad news is the commute is not going to be so nice. Time for a more fuel-efficient car, maybe.


  Comment #3235 by: gB at about 07:18 on July 9, 2008
I don't know, man. Forté! only knows, like, almost one song. Mayhem Lettuce knows at least 5 or 6. And one of them is The Unicorn Song. Perhaps they could merge to form a Super-Group!

  Comment #3234 by: gB at about 05:46 on July 9, 2008
Ken actually found me on Facebook. We've not chatted at all, really, but we're "friends".

  Comment #3233 by: Adam at about 23:39 on July 8, 2008
Mayhem Lettuce? No, no... That simply won't do. If any band can be at a Bob "Bobby / Are you done yet? / bo8b / Tiffany release valve / short-short denim cut-offs wearing I have a swimming pool and you don't but you can swim at my house" Manasco house-warming-party, it should be Forte! Forte, because then Laura sigh Stoltenberg would be there. And maybe Nich, and Ness "I'm the macha?" McIntyre. But probably not Ken.

Does / has anybody kept in touch with Ken "I can ad-lib on the piano for hours even though it's inappropriate" Sperling?

Bob: House, details, now!

(And congratulations!)

  Comment #3232 by: gB at about 21:23 on July 8, 2008
You should see if Mayhem Lettuce will put aside their bitter rivalries and reform for a mellow probably acoustic gig at the house-warming party. 2008 is their 15th anniversary, you know.

  Comment #3231 by: bo8b at about 20:29 on July 8, 2008
Thanks, Grahm! As soon as I get settled, I'll schedule a house-warming grill-out/video game/movie night, and you're all invited.

  Comment #3230 by: gB at about 11:45 on July 8, 2008
Attention Bo8b: Congraturation on your house-type purchase!

  Comment #3229 by: Mitchell at about 09:28 on July 8, 2008

  Comment #3228 by: Dave at about 07:28 on July 8, 2008
Mitch, what's your e-mail address?

  Comment #3227 by: Mitchell at about 20:20 on July 7, 2008
If anybody wants to make the trek I'm totally in for gas money and a couple of brewskies, brew-dogs, bro-beers, pizza slammers, jalapeno zingers, fried jim-jims or baked flake-flakes.

  Comment #3226 by: Adam at about 09:26 on July 7, 2008
I hope everyone had a most-excellent Fourth of July weekend. I sure did: I spent it on Michigan's lake-shore, three days on the beach, tan to prove it. The weather was most cooperative and I had a relaxing time with friends.

Next weekend (7/12, 7/13) is Rock around the Block her in Chicago. Almost every weekend, here in Chicago, there are "Block Parties" scattered around the city. They have a small-town feel, only cost $5 to get in, and are lots of fun.

On both Saturday and Sunday nights at 8PM, my favorite cover band, Sixteen Candles Band, will be playing one of the stages. Wade is in town, and I'll make every effort to drag he and Catt out. I think Bathje will be in town... and I welcome anybody to my home if you care to make the trek. The more the merrier!

  Comment #3225 by: gB at about 07:24 on July 7, 2008
The Riverfront Park is a) far away from and b) upwind of the smelly factories. They played Black Blade and Joan Crawford and a small medley of Quiet Riot, Whitesnake and Ozzy on account of their current bass player used to be in all those bands. T'was a fun time. If only the opening act didn't suck so much and start an hour late.

  Comment #3224 by: Dave at about 06:55 on July 7, 2008
That might have almost made enduring the sights and smells of Clinton bearable.

  Comment #3223 by: BÖC at about 10:51 on July 6, 2008
Attention Dave: We totally played Black Blade last night.

  Comment #3222 by: gB at about 07:36 on July 3, 2008
I'm totally seeing Blue Öyster Cult this weekend. YAY! Does anybody else have any rad fireworks plans?

  Comment #3221 by: gB at about 15:16 on July 1, 2008
The latest on the killings...


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