Comment #3220 by: gB at about 15:12 on July 1, 2008
I heard about Andrea too. She sang in a band called Glis, who are on the MySpace. I guess there's a history of Deep Vein Thrombosis in her family so that's likely the cause.

  Comment #3219 by: Adam at about 14:49 on July 1, 2008
I don't know anything about that, but there is other sad news as well. I've learned that Andrea Ashdown has passed away of "unknown causes." Apparently, she had become somewhat of a minor celebrity by performing in various music groups.

  Comment #3218 by: gB at about 09:13 on July 1, 2008
Is anybody following the Nicholas Sheley story? The various news websites are tripping over each other and jumbling the information but it seems some dude from Rock Falls is on a killing spree. Anywhere from 4-8 people have been killed by this maniac. He was last seen in Collinsville (the town near St Louis with the giant ketchup bottle water tower).
Some of the folks he murdered may have been his wife and 2 year old child. Kinda scary!

  Comment #3217 by: Adam at about 08:57 on June 27, 2008
For those of you who like it when it's music, come to Chicago on July 12 and/or 13th. Lincoln Square hosts Rock around the Block! There are 3 stages of music -- but in particular, if you like it when it's 80's music, my favorite 80's cover band Sixteen Candles will be performing both nights at 8PM. C'mon out!

  Comment #3216 by: gB at about 05:08 on June 27, 2008
I bet the really really drunk guy who knocked on my door crying at 3AM claiming to have been sexually molested by my neighbor would've enjoyed that booze.

  Comment #3215 by: Mitchell at about 08:11 on June 26, 2008
Sorry, Adam.

  Comment #3214 by: WadeMS at about 07:15 on June 26, 2008
Even to the booze hardened tongue of a bourbon wars veteran, that disagreeable swill broth could excite nothing but disdain.

And that is why you're the proud owner of 4 Goose Island Pale "Ales".

I have no excuse as to why you have 4 and not 5.

  Comment #3213 by: Mitchell at about 00:38 on June 26, 2008
Attention Adam: I bet it was a great beer, it just takes a while for a virgin palate to recognize the brilliance. Trust me and trust yourself and trust trust.

  Comment #3212 by: Adam at about 23:20 on June 25, 2008
Attention Wade: I tried to drink a bottle of that swill you call beer in my fridge. How do you drink that bile? It tastes like burnt, spoiled, steamed beets. How does Goose Island stay in business selling that crap?

No thanks. No thanks.

  Comment #3211 by: Adam at about 10:40 on June 24, 2008
I should really buy something -- but I'm not in a hurry. I must say that having lived in both large spaces and small spaces, I prefer "appropriately" sized spaces. I have no interest in owning one of those "Monsters of the Midwest." I mean, to furnish it, clean it, heat and cool it, landscape it, replace the roof now and then -- big bucks; no thanks.

When I get around to it, I'd like to buy a just-right-sized condo-in-the-sky. If I can afford it, I would really like to have a 2nd bedroom for guests... but only if I can afford it. Un or little used space cost money to heat and cool, taxes, etc.

  Comment #3210 by: gB at about 10:18 on June 24, 2008
And yet in Port Byron, Ricky Wilson lived atop Cherry Street while there's those big nice houses at the bottom by 84.

I did a virtual tour of one of those giant giant Rapids City houses up on the hill... man, those are wicked rad homes.

Attention Jason Woodburn: Are you out there? I miss you.

  Comment #3209 by: Mitchell at about 19:16 on June 23, 2008
Kris, he said there is a store in Galesburg called Somethins Brewn. He also suggested Hope this gets ya started.

  Comment #3208 by: Kris at about 19:08 on June 23, 2008
Mitch, thanks for the link. Could you find out where your friend purchases his material components for his booze spells?

  Comment #3207 by: Adam at about 18:17 on June 23, 2008
Colona is "down the hill."

The following is only somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

All the nice places in the Quad Cities seem to be higher in altitude, relatively speaking, rather than lower in altitude.

To wit: "Up on the hill" in Rock Island is far nicer than, "down the hill," closer to downtown. Consider that really nice development in Rapid City: It's up on the hill. All the nice places in any of the cities and surrounding areas are ... up on the hill. There are exceptions, of course, but if we're going to paint with a broad-brush, the rule applies.


  Comment #3206 by: Mitchell at about 16:30 on June 23, 2008
I would have to suggest that you keep away from Colona, Bob. I have a couple of friends that live there and it gets pretty tense when the neighbors come over. I can't confirm that the whole town is full of racist people but you'll see enough eagle tattoos to last a lifetime. I use eagle tattoos as a radar for people I don't want to be around. I have various "flags" for just about every culture around and when I see these flags become more densely populated, I tend to jet.

Anybody see Hulk yet? I kinda liked it.

Kris: . A book by John Palmer (must be a cool-dude in the brewdog indrustry) with step by step instructions and its free!

  Comment #3205 by: gB at about 15:41 on June 23, 2008
I can introduce that guy to Moline's gay district. His name is Thomas and he's very friendly.

  Comment #3204 by: bo8b at about 13:31 on June 23, 2008
Vacation is rad. Paid vacation is better, of course, but this is also quite good. I must say, I've never been so popular as since I announced I was leaving Peoria. My social calendar is filling up with people wanting to have dinner, see movies together, etc. I'll miss 'em, but am very glad to be moving closer to you all.

I've been slowly working through the nooks and crannies of my house here, making piles of stuff to throw away, stuff to take to Goodwill, stuff to keep. I've lived in this place for over 10 years, so there's a surprising amount of... well... just crap in the upstairs and the basement which I'm sure I'll never need nor use again.

House-hunting is going well. I'm coming up again this week to be shown some houses. There are a couple in Port Byron I'm considering, and several in Silvis, up kinda by the Jewel. I found some nice places in the Colona area, too, but I've heard there are racist areas out there... can anyone confirm? I wouldn't want to live anywhere my friends are not comfortable visiting!

DM's Route 66 is pretty awesome, hehe... I've not heard that in years. From the Earth Girls Are Easy soundtrack, if I remember correctly.

Yay Wade and Catt! Gratz on your new place, too!

  Comment #3203 by: Adam at about 12:59 on June 23, 2008
Where are all the gay people in Moline? Click here for one man's search.

  Comment #3202 by: gB at about 11:40 on June 23, 2008
Attention Bob: How goes your "vacation"? Any luck finding a place to live in the QC? Whereabouts are you looking? There are lots of houses for sale in downtown PB.

Attention Cade and Watt: Congrats on finding a happy apartment in Chicago. Say hi to culture for me.

Attention Depeche Mode: Thank you for your excellent cover of Route 66. I listened to it several times over the weekend and had totally forgotten how great it is. It will be played at my upcoming DJ engagement. Ohn yes.

Attenion clouds: Thank you for blocking the sun for the most part this weekend, allowing me to enjoy a peaceful Sunday afternoon swim with my daughter. I appreciate your help in preventing me from being hideously sunburned today.

  Comment #3201 by: Nessssssssssssssssssss at about 11:31 on June 19, 2008
Dang. Darth's got some moves!!!

  Comment #3200 by: gB at about 10:43 on June 19, 2008
You should watch it. Chewbacca is awesome. Skip past the 2nd group and check out the 3rd entry. It's fantastic.

  Comment #3199 by: Adam at about 22:53 on June 18, 2008
I couldn't bring myself to watch the whole video... But you got give them credit for being able to move like that, for that long, whilst wearing those costumes that no longer weigh a ton, and probably stink.

  Comment #3198 by: gB at about 21:45 on June 18, 2008
Wow! That's WAY better than the prequels.

  Comment #3197 by: George Lucas at about 16:24 on June 18, 2008

  Comment #3196 by: Caciona at about 07:59 on June 15, 2008
Thanks to all who attended my party last night and who wished me happy bday from afar. I had a great night and you guys made it all the more special.

  Comment #3195 by: gB at about 22:48 on June 14, 2008
Happy birthday, Caciona!

  Comment #3194 by: Nesssssssssssssssssssss at about 15:41 on June 13, 2008
Caciona - I am thinking I may drop by for a spell.
I had card night scheduled at my place, however one of the party is all in the hospital recovering from almost dying. It can be forgiven I suppose. What this means is that I'm childless for the evening.


  Comment #3193 by: gB at about 07:53 on June 13, 2008
I don't think it had anything to do with Josh.

Did everybody survive the storm? There were a few dozen almost-tornados in and near the QC last night. Pretty awesome and intense stuff.

Also, Cedar Rapids is 12 feet above the record high flood level. The city is pretty well destroyed. This morning on the news, I watched a railroad bridge floating downstream. Craziness.

  Comment #3192 by: Adam at about 21:33 on June 12, 2008
gB: I remember..... Was it Josh? For some reason I think it was Josh.

  Comment #3191 by: Mitchell at about 18:20 on June 12, 2008
Sounds good, Dave. See you then.

Adam: Weather permitting along with my golf prof.(class on Monday at 1 p.m.), it looks like Sunday is a go.

  Comment #3190 by: caciona at about 17:12 on June 12, 2008
ness, u coming?

  Comment #3189 by: gB at about 16:20 on June 12, 2008
By posted, I just meant the below quote that you posted.

I can clearly remember a woman shouting NO! after each line of the song and rolling on the floor laughing about it forevermore.

Also: Active8! Nice logo, WQAD. Lookin' real sharp.

  Comment #3188 by: bo8b at about 15:14 on June 12, 2008

  Comment #3187 by: Adam at about 15:02 on June 12, 2008
gB: I only have a vague recollection of that. Posted? Did I have it on my site at some point?

  Comment #3186 by: Nessssssssssssssssss at about 13:54 on June 12, 2008

So very cool.

Happy Birthday Caciona. I hope you have an awesome party.

  Comment #3185 by: gB at about 13:51 on June 12, 2008
Do you still have the recording we made of that QC song you posted with somebody yelling NO! in the background? Shit, that was funny.

  Comment #3184 by: lady on billboard at about 13:49 on June 12, 2008
LllllllllllllllET'S GO TO MOLINE!

  Comment #3183 by: Dave at about 13:37 on June 12, 2008
Mitch, you should come to the party. We can talk then.

  Comment #3182 by: CACIONA at about 12:05 on June 12, 2008

  Comment #3181 by: Caciona at about 12:04 on June 12, 2008
What: Cacionas bDay party
when sat june 14
when 7
who? you,silly.
details; bring something to drink and something to grill. say happy bday to me. its exciting.

  Comment #3180 by: Adam at about 09:43 on June 12, 2008
"There's a feeling in the air, that you can't get anywhere, except the Quad Cities..."

  Comment #3179 by: gB at about 06:55 on June 12, 2008
Quad Cities, USA!
Gettin' stronger every day!
Quad Cities, you're the place I wanna be...
I wanna be!

  Comment #3178 by: Dave at about 22:31 on June 11, 2008
Congrats, Bob. Another home coming makes my heart glad. The Quads may not be everything to all people, but it feels like home to me.

  Comment #3177 by: bo8b at about 15:43 on June 11, 2008
I was interviewing for a job at John Deere in Davenport. I think the title is "Technical Lead," but it sounds more like a Project Manager role, coordinating a team of off-shore Java developers, keeping things on schedule, doing code reviews to make sure everything is up to snuff, those kinds of things. No carrying a pager, no trying to support cheap-ass applications written by outside companies (or trying to make them do things they weren't designed to do after they were bought!), very little actual Java coding. Paradise.

Just found out today, I got the job.

Attention Happy Joe's and Hungry Hobo! Stock up on supplies.

Attention all my QC friends! Prepare to be dropped in on by your friend bo8b.

I'll be moving back to the QCs this summer. I just need to negotiate my starting date. They want me to start June 30th. They moved far faster than I was anticipating... I was thinking more like August, lol. Oh well... other than that, it sounds like all systems are go.

  Comment #3176 by: Mitchell at about 15:15 on June 11, 2008
Dave I gave you a call, check your messages.

gB: I want to have sex over sex. Not with you but maybe.

  Comment #3175 by: gB at about 10:49 on June 9, 2008
Discussing the details "over" sex seems different than discussing them "during" sex. Over sex seems to imply that you're going to sit on opposite sides of a bed on which 2 or more people are having sex while you discuss attic rental options.
Pretty hot, though a weird type of business meeting environment. Is it to distract the buyer and make him less likely to haggle? Is it to intimidate him and let him know you mean business? (If indeed you do mean business.) Or is it perhaps the only way the ones having sex can get off.

"Brian, you know I can't have an orgasm unless there's a business arrangement being discussed in the room."
"Fret not, Amanda. I think I know just the place!"

  Comment #3174 by: Dave at about 09:45 on June 9, 2008
...I mean a business luncheon.

  Comment #3173 by: Dave at about 09:44 on June 9, 2008
Word has it you are looking for a new pad. We may be able to accommodate you. Shoot me a call and we'll discuss the details over a candlelit dinner and sex.

  Comment #3172 by: MTM kitty at about 08:41 on June 9, 2008

  Comment #3171 by: Caciona at about 15:01 on June 8, 2008
yah for Bob!


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