Comment #3020 by: Jimmy Tiberius Kirk at about 21:56 on January 23, 2008

  Comment #3019 by: Dave at about 13:22 on January 17, 2008
The blair witch/godzilla assessment is what I initially got from it, which scares me a little because both of these genres can go very wrong in incompetent hands. Think I'll wait for video for this one.

  Comment #3018 by: gB at about 21:46 on January 16, 2008
The scoop is that it's Godzilla: Blair Witch style. It's a giant monster movie told from the perspective of people who are at ground zero, trying to survive toppling buildings.
We don't get the military commander ordering up the nukes. We don't get the befuddled President being evacuated to safety. We don't get the cocky hot shot daredevil pilot who defies orders and blows up the monster at the last second with his own crazy plan based on a video game his kid was playing in the first act. We don't get the wild-haired scientist who wants to study the monster or the hot environmentalist chick who theorizes that the monster is the result of radioactive pollution.
We get shit blowing up and people panicking and a giant Lovecraftian monster knocking over buildings. And it's all filmed on a camcorder, as though we found it among the wrecked city and popped in the tape.

I was sold when the statue of liberty's severed head bounced down the street. I don't expect it to change my life but I do expect it to be very cool.

  Comment #3017 by: Dave at about 16:00 on January 16, 2008
Really? All I've seen of it is the teaser trailer and it looks kind of dumb. What's the scoop?

  Comment #3016 by: gB at about 09:56 on January 16, 2008
Totally seeing Cloverfield this weekend! Any takers?

  Comment #3015 by: bo8b at about 09:09 on January 16, 2008
Yay!! Congratulations, Dave and Caciona!

  Comment #3014 by: Mitchell at about 07:55 on January 16, 2008
I gotta say that I was not impressed with Hard Candy one bit. The acting was decent but boy was it shot very poorly. I see this as one of those movies that is really good when you're 17 or 18 but then you realize it really isn't that good after you've sat down with it a couple of times.

I give this movie a C- out of 5 stars.

  Comment #3013 by: burninatorxxx at about 10:52 on January 15, 2008

  Comment #3012 by: gB at about 22:17 on January 14, 2008
Rad! 3 years of marital bliss before the Mayan calendar dooms us all! Confabulations, guys!

  Comment #3011 by: Mitchell at about 15:14 on January 14, 2008

  Comment #3010 by: Adam at about 13:01 on January 14, 2008
I'm very happy for you! your announcement is somewhat of a surprise as I recall the logical Dave wasn't going to get married until, like, 2014.

Super-Duper, and I can't wait for that party!

  Comment #3009 by: Dave at about 12:37 on January 14, 2008
For those not "in the know" I officially proposed to Caciona on Friday evening. No need to rush to your calendars. The date will likely be in September/October of 2009.

  Comment #3008 by: Adam at about 10:00 on January 14, 2008
A friend pointed me here: All kinds of interesting gadgets at dirt-cheap prices.

  Comment #3007 by: gB at about 14:08 on January 13, 2008
Jason... you can totally use my DSL-laden computer if it's fast enough for your Warcraft needs.

  Comment #3006 by: BurninatorX at about 14:44 on January 12, 2008
It is official, I should be arriving at Moline around 6pm on the Thursday, the 31st of Jan., and will depart on the following Monday morning.

I'm not sure about my schedule during that time - family dinners and such.

I will let you all know asap when I might be "free."

I did play some Necromunda back in the day... I even still have figs. A Cawdor gang and some Adeptus Arbites (Necromunda Enforcers). I could certainly bring them along.

Also, does anyone know of a place in the QCA that has pay-to-play computers that would be open somewhat late on Sunday? That's my Warcraft night...


  Comment #3005 by: gB at about 09:24 on January 12, 2008
Pay Radio wishes to apologize for that last item.

  Comment #3004 by: gB at about 09:23 on January 12, 2008
The following message was brought to you by Pay Radio.

  Comment #3003 by: Adam at about 16:10 on January 11, 2008
Just make sure you broadcast on "Pay Radio."

I'm not sure what we thought that meant back then.... But it was fun, anyway.

  Comment #3002 by: gB at about 09:20 on January 11, 2008
That's what they think. Mayhem Lettuce will ROCK THE JOINT tonight!

  Comment #3001 by: Adam at about 08:37 on January 11, 2008
Nothing that I know of, not that I am in the know or anything. Dave and Caciona will be gracing Chicago with their presence this weekend, so I suspect little is happening at their place.

  Comment #3000 by: gB at about 21:22 on January 10, 2008
Is anything awesome happening tomorrow? That's Friday, children. I have a rare kid-free night in which I am free frmo 7PM until question mark.

  Comment #2999 by: Adam at about 12:39 on January 9, 2008
Comment #3000! Yeah!

I found a couple of short, online quizzes that are kind of interesting. After answering some questions, they tell you what candidate you best align with based on your answers on the candidate's beliefs.

One is from the QCA's on WQAD TV:

Here's another from glass booth:

The analysis is pretty weak. My deeply-political friends tell me that much of the back-end information comes from sound-bites and shouldn't be taken as gospel.

  Comment #2998 by: gB at about 08:32 on January 9, 2008
We tried to play Necromunda with Jason but he kept eating the little people and had to be restrained, remember? He was all like "ARRRGH! I'm Woodburnzilla!" T'was a right fiasco.

  Comment #2997 by: Dave at about 14:56 on January 8, 2008
I actually don't recall as to whether Jason played Necromunda or not?

  Comment #2996 by: Dave at about 14:51 on January 8, 2008
I agree, a gaming extravaganza is certainly in order, perhaps even some Necromunda since we have recently set it up again at Painted Monkey Tattoo and Slaughtetorium. If J can give us a date I can make it happen.

  Comment #2995 by: gB at about 14:47 on January 8, 2008
I like it when it's Jason. Come rock with us. Let's play board games for Groundhog's Day!

  Comment #2994 by: Penitent at about 12:42 on January 8, 2008

Coen, Coen, Coen!


  Comment #2993 by: BurninatorX at about 17:56 on January 7, 2008
Attention those who like it when it's Jason:

There is a possibility of my person visiting the QC area (sans lovely wife, unfortunately) Jan 31 to Feb 4.

I would be spending most of this time visiting with family, but am hopeful of some time with friends in QC and Iowa City areas.

It only awaits for me to find affordable airfare.

In other news, I enjoyed all three of the movies I have seen most recently, Darjeeling lmtd., No Country For Old Men, and Juno. I will have to check out Hard Candy. I am actually already looking forward to seeing No Country again, as the cinema we watched it in had poor sound and I missed some of the dialog. D. Lmtd. was a reinforcement of my worries that Mr. Anderson's pallette is somewhat limited... but I like those colors anyway. I thought the dialog in Juno was a bit unbelievable at times, but several of the performances were very good, and I enjoyed the overal story.

True, boring story follows -

I didn't know that No Country was a Cohen Bros. movie. Honestly. We were a little late, and missed any intro credits there might have been. The whole film, I kept saying to myself, "hm, that bit was like Raising Arizona... this reminds me of Fargo..." Then, at the end credits, I thought, "man, I'm a moron". At least Frances McDormand wasn't in it, as that would have been a dead giveaway, of course.

She wasn't was she?

Rock on,


  Comment #2992 by: Adam at about 15:12 on January 7, 2008
It's definitely NOT a happy ending, although the viewer is left with hope. I'll try not to give too much away. I think this latest version is really rather faithful to the original story in a updated sort of way. And there really is only one "explosion" scene -- and it is totally warranted and part of the dark ending.

I actually think you'll like it.

  Comment #2991 by: gB at about 14:20 on January 7, 2008
The Hobbit was written as a kiddie book to get people into his world. LOTR was written to get grown-ups interested. The Silmarillion was Tolkien's baby. It was the story he'd been itching to complete his whole life. LOTR was merely a taste of what he'd hoped would be his masterpiece.

LOTR started as a mere sequel to The Hobbit (hence Tom Bombadil) but was slowly reworked to be more serious and start tying in to the Silmarillion's themes instead.

And we're getting two Hobbit movies!!!

  Comment #2990 by: gB at about 14:16 on January 7, 2008
Rambunctious readers cannot.

I'm too scared to see I Am Legend. I just read the book (finally) and loved it. And I love the Vincent Price and Charlton Heston versions of it a real whole lot. I'm afraid of a big budget Hollywoodized action hero happy ending version of what should be an atmospheric tale of one man's descent into madness with an excellent Twilight Zone ending.
Tell me it's creepy and not full of slow motion explosions and I'll perhaps see it someday.

No Country For Old Men was awesome but I don't think it's a movie I'll want to re-watch more than once or twice in my life.

Rise: Bloodhunter is terrible, by the way. I only got it for the unreleased Robyn Hitchcock song in the closing credits. It's a Lucy Liu vampire movie. But they forgot one very important element: vampires. Oh, and a script. Happily, they also forgot Lucy Liu's clothes in a few scenes. Yum.

  Comment #2989 by: Adam at about 12:55 on January 7, 2008
Oh yeah? I once had a 1979 Chrysler Newport on two wheels and a 1984 on NO Wheels! Gentle readers can corroborate my story.

  Comment #2988 by: Mitchell at about 12:31 on January 7, 2008
I really want to see Legend but Madison just got a Sundance theatre and it just kicks too much ass to wander from. I mean no kids and no phones and actual comfort are just some of the amenities they offer. Unfortunately they do not support I Am Legend.

gB: Sweeney Todd was better than Apes but it was just lacking something that I can't put my finger on. The acting was decent the singing was almost decent and the Burton dryness was there but it was just missing something. I gave it a C out of five stars. Wait to rent it if you can. Maybe it was the fact that I watched it immediately after seeing No Country and No Country absolutely floored me.

Daniel Day Lewis fans: Go see There Will Be Blood when it arrives Jan 25. It's gonna be really great.

In other notes: I read The Hobbit in 2 sittings, I have read the LOTR books but never The Hobbit and I can't believe I waited this long. It was pretty amazing. The ONLY thing I didn't like was how Mr. T took you out of the context by saying things like "now that you know Bilbo has a magic ring..." - that just bothered the heck out of me and I am glad he did away with it in the LOTR lot. I can't wait for the movie.

I went 85 once, shit was totally flying everywhere. Totally.

  Comment #2987 by: Adam at about 11:53 on January 7, 2008
I saw "I am legend" and enjoyed it very much. It's a bit short, I suppose, but it's actually some of the best CG I've seen in some time. Will Smith is a decent-enough actor.

  Comment #2986 by: gB at about 10:06 on January 7, 2008
Mitch... you should rent or download or steal or buy Hard Candy. It's directed by the guy who made 30 Days Of Night and stars the girl from Juno. It's awesome.

No Country was rad. I want to see Juno. I want to see Sweeney Todd too. It's no good? Really? Is it a better Burton film than Planet Of The Apes?

When that Grand National hits 85 miles per hour... you're gonna see some serious shit.

  Comment #2985 by: Mitchell at about 08:05 on January 7, 2008
Go see Juno, or better yet go see No Country For Old Men. Do NOT waste your money on Sweeney Todd.

I can't believe that that car can go 85.

  Comment #2984 by: gB at about 07:41 on January 7, 2008
The speedometer goes all the way up to 85! How cute!

  Comment #2983 by: Adam at about 18:41 on January 6, 2008
The shiniest black car I ever saw: GN on Ebay

I would really, really like to have this.

  Comment #2982 by: World's Smallest Calculator at about 11:40 on December 29, 2007

Price tag to match!

  Comment #2981 by: gB at about 08:33 on December 23, 2007
Oh J&K! I miss you. I'm sad that you're not here and hope your holiday goes well.

QC Folks! Tonight is the Midwest debut of The Chosen One! (unless you count the two times I've watched it in my living room)
Here's the deal insofar as I understand it:

Jef (whom I fetched from Chicago yesterday as he's unable to drive due to recent surgery) is celebrating x-mas with his family today. He should be done with that and able to attend around 8-9PM. Is this acceptable?

  Comment #2980 by: burninatorX at about 09:58 on December 21, 2007
Happy Holidays,

Kristin and I won't be making it back to the Quads this year.

We miss you all and hope you are well.

Have fun with holiday parties/screanings/etc.


  Comment #2979 by: bo8b at about 12:09 on December 19, 2007
Barring weather badness, I will be there as well. I'm planning on coming up Sunday afternoon and spending several days, so if I miss you Sunday night, I'll definitely try to catch you while I'm in town.

  Comment #2978 by: gB at about 15:51 on December 18, 2007
I actually put together a DVD-R that has some previews and a short film about hygiene from the 1940's and stuff before The Chosen One. My DVD Player plays it without sound. I think I need to encode the audio differently. But my computer plays it correctly so perhaps Dave's will too.
I'll bring my original copy as well just in case though.

  Comment #2977 by: gB at about 15:41 on December 18, 2007
Barring another vast storm that makes driving impossible, I'll be there. And I'll probably have Jef with me, provided it's an evening screening.

  Comment #2976 by: Mitchell at about 14:55 on December 18, 2007
I am 90%

  Comment #2975 by: Adam at about 14:10 on December 18, 2007
Mark me down, I am down. I'm so down.

  Comment #2974 by: Dave at about 13:36 on December 18, 2007
So is movie night a go-go for Sunday? Grahm? Bob? Bueller?

  Comment #2973 by: Michael Keaton at about 17:55 on December 17, 2007
Thanks, gB you're a very special person.

  Comment #2972 by: gB at about 14:29 on December 17, 2007
Don't worry, Mr. Mom. I watched your Batman yesterday (with commentary by the ridiculously inarticulate and horribly uninteresting Tim Burton) and it still totally rocks. 1989's Batman was pretty much the first movie "phenomenon" since Star Wars. The buzz (and the merch) was EVERYWHERE. Your film ushered in the whole comic book movie genre and it's wonderful for that.
Batman Returns? Not so much. Know why? No William Hootkins.

  Comment #2971 by: Michael Keaton at about 09:59 on December 17, 2007
Fuck you!!


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