In and around the Quad Cities, USA.

Intersection of US Highway 61 and Brady Street.

View facing Centennial Park.  There would be no Bix Fest here this summer.

The river simply disregarded the dam and flowed into downtown Davenport, IA.

River Drive in Davenport, IA living up to her name.

The "Boys of Summer" would have to find somewhere else to play -- all this after a multi-million dollar face lift to John O'Donnell Stadium in Davenport, IA.

Incidentally, Rock Island, Illinois, just across the river from Davenport, was mostly unaffected by the flood.  They have portable flood walls that bolt atop the bicycle path that runs the length of the levy on the Illinois Side of the river.  For the Illinois-Quad Cities, the flood was more of a nuisance -- minor street flooding in East Moline, and some flooded out residence on Campbell's Island. (No loss there) The damage to Iowa was far worse.

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