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jef the absentminded   19/Mar/2001:23:27:38
it slipped by me! adam's birthday!
mea culpa!
oh control, forgive me! forgive me please!

it's all walt's fault. he ate my computer. yeah, that's it.
[thankfully he cannot read, and cannot be given fresh suggestions on
his eating pursuits]
Adam Pilon   19/Mar/2001:03:30:47
Thank you All -- It's been a great birthday!
Grahm Gus 17/Mar/2001:15:05:38
So many birthday wishes!
And I hope I'm not the last.
Happy Birthday, Adam. And thank God your mother didn't name you

the mayor   17/Mar/2001:13:32:14
Happy Birthday you little leprichan! Who knew when you were trying so
desperately to disassemble everything electronic in our house that one
day you'd grow up to be a bus driver? Hapy Bday!! AL
Valerie -&- Devin Friends of Jef 17/Mar/2001:10:04:48
Happy Birthday Adam!
Bob 16/Mar/2001:20:38:05
Happy Birthday, Adam! May your birthday wish come true!
ray   16/Mar/2001:19:57:10
Have the most dAzZLinG of birthdays, Adam.... shine, shine, shine!
Ben   16/Mar/2001:15:35:07
Adam was smart to get his mid-life out of the way early. Now he can
enjoy his golden years while he's still young enough to appreciate
them. Happy Birthday!
flower   16/Mar/2001:12:01:59
nah. adam was only 50 in high school, when he wanted a monocle and pipe
for his birthday. by now, he must be ageless... ;)
dak   16/Mar/2001:08:49:41
hooray for adam. he turns 50 tomorrow. lets give it up for
adam hooray.

Wade M Saathoff   16/Mar/2001:08:32:34
Happy impending birthday Adam!


Peace and Love,
CATS All Your Base Are Belong To Us 14/Mar/2001:15:30:03
How are you Gentlemen. For great justice, take off every zig. All your
base are belong to us. You know what you doing. Move zig. Somebody set
up us the bomb. You have no chance to survive make your time.
Grahm Gus 12/Mar/2001:15:23:24
Yeah. Check out my new haircut and glasses and stuff.
Push the button wot says gB.

Lobotomies for Republicans: It's the law.
flower   12/Mar/2001:14:18:53
though not as pretty, i approve of the new format. and that i can now
view it
and ps
I BOUGHT A NEW CAR!!. well, i'll call it a TRUCK!!! WHOWHOOOOOOO
J.S. Bach   12/Mar/2001:07:51:35
no you blitheringly dull titmouse, that's my head!
J.S. Mill   11/Mar/2001:16:40:17
Bravo, control. I can't say that the new look is sexy, but it is most
certainly sleek and efficient. Being the father of utilitarian logic, I
would say that function is always more desirable than form when it comes
to computer interfaces. Just employ the hedonic calculus and enjoy the
results. I'm sure my good friend Jeremy would agree were his head not
hanging on some wall in a prominent English University, or is that my
head? I don't seem to care, too busy with that contented pig nonsense.
Fuck it, who wants tea.
Wade M Saathoff   10/Mar/2001:14:11:35
The forum has been particularly incoherent recently.

And for Adam - I must say not only is the new start page nicer looking
it actually loads (AND FAST!) on my home "computer"
ray   10/Mar/2001:13:07:01
you're all very weird. i quickly skimmed all these comments and i must
say i understand very little of what the hell is going on. does this
make me dumb?? inquiring minds want to know....
Wade M Saathoff   10/Mar/2001:00:59:36
Hmm, my spidey sensai is tingling... this must mean =W=easer is
lathering up for a concert of some sort.
Adam V. Pilon Triple Digit Media Concern 09/Mar/2001:21:21:33
Why, thank you Wade.. Thank you for the compliment. As TDMC celebrates
our one year anniversary this month, I'd like to thank all TDMC users
for their support. Without You, there would be no TDMC. I would
personally like to thank you all for using TDMC as your start page.
To celebrate our anniversary, we will be rolling out a more-efficient
interface. The old interface, I think, was graphically pleasing, but
was becoming to large. The code was getting large, and took too long
to load for some users. As I'm sure you noticed, TDMC's developers
have decided to go with a streamlined user-interface. During the
remainder of March, make sure to check out TDMC's sub pages as changes
will take place on a page-by-page basis. -- Check out "eComs," -- It's
in a beta test right now! And as always, I'm always looking to make
this site more "Usefull" to her users. If there is a site that you use
often, please let me know, and I'm sure I can find a home for it -- or
perhaps start a new sub-page.
Wade M Saathoff   09/Mar/2001:08:55:24
its..... BEAUTIFULLL!!!!
aquacadet   09/Mar/2001:05:44:03
1 more day until =W= urgh!!
otto octavious   08/Mar/2001:05:31:11
2 days until =w=!
Wade M Saathoff   07/Mar/2001:09:58:59
I'm right here mate, I'm back.

Peace out, Janice. (-- smooth Barrow Wight voice)
flight of the skejaq   07/Mar/2001:05:26:27
3 more days until =w=. oh joy!!!!
matt sharpe   05/Mar/2001:05:34:46
5 more days until =W=

rivers cuomo   03/Mar/2001:20:01:13
7 more days until =W=.!!!
Reverend gB Gus 02/Mar/2001:11:40:01
Hello all.
Hello Janice. (-- smooth deep voice)
I'd like to announce that there's some free music on the web. As many
of you know me and Wade (Nanocat41) are teen sensation ghost rock band
Mayhem Lettuce. We've had our smash hit breakthrough song Fat Bob On
The Prowl available for download for quite some time at But now there's more! Wade's solo project,
Coma Toast (Ghost) has some stuff up at and my
solo project, English Major has a few songs up at Check them out.
More to come.
Peace out.
Peace out, Janice. (-- smooth Barry White voice)
Adam V. Pilon   01/Mar/2001:17:29:15
Hello, all...

I've been getting some reports of the Navigator Buttons malfunctioning
on some users computers. As you file in and out of this forum, can you
please drop me a quick note either here or via email and let me know if
you've had problems, or not..

Thanks, all.....

Also -- What else do you want on these pages? I'm gonna update the
services pages with links to banks so you can check balances, yada,
yada, yada..... What banks do you use?

Janice Fowler   01/Mar/2001:14:05:22
Aww, Sara... I'm sorry to hear that. You have my condolenses.

sarah   01/Mar/2001:13:53:28
I have bad news.
My cat was killed today. Curley. He ran out into the road and he was
hit by a car. He was put to sleep this morning, his hips were
shattered, and so were both of his back legs. We don't think he was in
pain, he purred when you pet him. So i'm glad he wasn't in any pain.
He was only six months old. I'm glad his brother walt is still around,
so there is one cute grey kitty to make us happy.

tdmc death match   28/Feb/2001:14:53:09
*watches clay figurines of Jef and adam giving it a go as Mr. T and
Hulk Hogan commentate in the background*

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

and i wanna see mud!
Adam Pilon   28/Feb/2001:13:19:20
Jef, that's bullshit!
jef   27/Feb/2001:23:57:39
hullo all-
the computer is functioning more or less properly now.
i reinstalled a net card and other fun stuff and didn't destroy
much of my hard drive is now full of useless programs and other messes,
but i will rebuild, yea, i will make it stronger.

how's that for a story janice? eh?


[who would really like to see a picture of this janice person, or this
steve person next to adam pilon, and have there be no evidence of
tampering. yea, i want these people to hold their birth certificates
in front of the camera to prove they are these "employees" of the
Concern, and not extra personalities of adam's]
Fan Man   27/Feb/2001:19:11:50
Boring! Boring!
Janice Fowler, TDMC   27/Feb/2001:01:12:21
Believe it or not, we were hacked again... But thanks to a better-than-
last-time-backup proceedure, we were able to be back again in no time.
Thanks for your patience. We are working hard to keep these problems
from occuring again. Please stick with us as our web master bring you
the very best in start pages.

I haven't heard from anybody in ahwile! SEND YOUR STORIES -- WHAT's
going on in your lives... drop us a line soon!

Wade M Saathoff   26/Feb/2001:09:04:11
Gorgious mate, simply gorgious.
Janice Fowler, TDMC   23/Feb/2001:17:46:11
That's why they're "Dynamic," Always changing: Sometimes they're in a
frame for certain pages, and sometimes they're not... For those who
insist on using small screen resolutions.

Enjoy... And send your news stories to me...
Wade M Saathoff   23/Feb/2001:16:32:33
The time is 3:24pm on Friday the 23rd of February. The word behind the
buttons, I'm afraid it just won't do. I can't see what the buttons say
anymore, I mean I can, but it's not so clear eh. I'm being a baby, I
know. Perhaps if it were to contrast with the black background less.
Say dark grey.

Janice Fowler, TDMC   22/Feb/2001:18:41:45
Wow -- Thanks for the vote of confidence in our webpage!
The New Buttons   22/Feb/2001:16:24:24
We boop!
Get a damn computer that works and crank up that volume!
We boop like mad!
And so what if we look like clip-art?
I don't see YOU erecting a website custom-made to all your idiot
friends' standards!

jef   22/Feb/2001:16:16:05
hi all-
this is more managable than sending out a mass email...
but anyway, my computer had a few problems this week ["boot record not
count"]. i had to reinstall 98, and lost a lot of settings, etc.
so my cable modem is not talking to the tower right now, ergo i don't
have home-based net access.
which explains why i haven't been emailing, if any of you were
expecting to hear from me.
i hope to have the lazarus machine full functional in the next week,
with an upgrade of sorts [more RAM, new sound card].

rock on sister.


[the new buttons don't go "boop" as far as i can tell, which makes me
vote for the old ones of course, i ALWAYS vote for old ones and elder
flower   22/Feb/2001:13:49:24
i miss the neato effects
these buttons look like clip art

Wade M Saathoff   22/Feb/2001:12:17:50
Oh, yes, Bravo on the new... buttons.
sad   21/Feb/2001:13:35:53
the new buttons are sexy
the new buttons take a little while to load
my dial-up is 28800
i am not the best judge of what takes too long
ask me again in the Summer when i hope to be on at the blazing speed of
Janice Fowler   20/Feb/2001:10:29:09
Is it just me, or do these new buttons take far too long to load?

Johnny-no-Eyes   19/Feb/2001:09:17:57
This one time, they took this potatoe, and they cut it into slices,
circular slices, and they put this sauce on it wot's got cheese in it.

All other potatoes can bugger off
Nessssssssssssssssss   16/Feb/2001:23:35:11
Howdy. I wanted all of you to know that you should eat potatoes. They
are delicious, nutricious and brown like turds. That makes them
yummy. Personally, Dan hates potatoes because they are delicious,
nutritious and brown like turds.

this was all his idea.
Thank you, and have a wonderful remainder of your day.

PS make sure it's potato filled.
if I spelled this wrong, live with it. I am a product of the spell
check generation. And I eat, potatoes.
George Lucas   16/Feb/2001:10:45:16
A Rabbit Fan   15/Feb/2001:09:25:44
Another Rabid Fan   14/Feb/2001:16:20:39
A Rabid Fan   14/Feb/2001:14:34:57
Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh!
Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh!
Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh!
Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh!
Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh!
Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh! Seven Point Oh!
Blarg   13/Feb/2001:17:16:21
Hahahahahahahaha! HA!
Steve Marantz Triple Digit Media Concern 09/Feb/2001:15:39:05
Ladies and Gentlemen:

TDMC has been hacked! We will be going "off the air" to make repairs
at 3:00 Central Standard Time. FTP and Telnet services are currently
down at TDMC, and therefore, no updates can be made to the site. The
only way to repair the damage that's been done is to reformat the
Cobalt Server and reinstall the operating System.

TDMC apologizes for any inconvienience this may cause.

Although reformatting the server means that Janice will have to re-post
the site this evening, it isn't really that big a deal. TDMC regularly
makes backups of all settings and files in .raq format. What this
means is that as soon as the server is back up, all Janice will have to
do is upload the .raq file to the server, all settings, files, users,
and pages will be restored.

We hope that TDMC's downtime will be brief.

Thank you for your understanding.
flower   09/Feb/2001:15:11:20
layoffs are horrible. luckily i wasn't on the sharp end of the "let me
walk you to the door" stick, but it is still difficult. pause to
remember those unfortunate enough to work for a large corporation, and
are let go, cause consumers are fickle. sort of like in the "5th
element". yes, that is what it feels like.
though it is nice to have temps in the high 70's in early february, but
that is really beside the point since it is only supposed to be 50
Bob   09/Feb/2001:14:15:23
As gibby so poignantly reminds us, we should all give a brief moment of
silence to honor the late Poet Lauriette of Illinois, Gwendolyn Brooks.

SHE real cool.
gibby   08/Feb/2001:18:42:51
where you come from is gone...
where you thought you was goin' weren't never there....
and where you are, ain't no good unless you can get away from it...

j u a n k.   08/Feb/2001:18:39:38
pimp accordingly....
Janice Fowler Triple Digit Media Concern 08/Feb/2001:17:44:34
1060 W. Addison?


That's Wrigley Field.

Won't the bums get the pie before you?

And as for inviting Adam: Even though he's my boss I only see him
about once a month. I will ask him if he'd be interested in coming

Outragatron   08/Feb/2001:16:22:49
Also, you should bring some waffles and syrup.
And let's invite Adam.
Outragu   08/Feb/2001:15:40:27
The pie is to be left on an abandoned windowsill to cool. The
windowsill's address is 1060 West Addison. Come alone.
Janice Fowler Triple Digit media Concern 08/Feb/2001:14:26:42
Okay, Fine. I have the pie ready. Just tell me who you are so I can
deliver it.

Outraging   08/Feb/2001:13:08:07
You could start with some pie.
Janice Fowler Triple Digit Media Concern 07/Feb/2001:22:54:55
Since you failed to identify yourself in any meaningful manner, how is
it that I am to satisfy you?

Outrageous   07/Feb/2001:22:19:15
A piece of advice:

You should spend a little less time bending over backwards trying to
please everybody and a little more time endeavouring to please ME!
Janice Fowler Triple Digit Media Concern 07/Feb/2001:21:03:52
Wow! It's so very difficult to please everybody. You have no idea.

Outraged   07/Feb/2001:15:15:42
6.0 Frameless, my arse!
Tell those whiny bitches to buy a 17" monitor and set it to 1024x768.
What should perhaps happen is that there's which
leads to the glorious 5.4 and then whiny loser bitches can push the I'm
a big wuss and can't handle frames" button which takes them to
Then, they can bookmark that as their startpage.
Of course this means more work for the Concern's staff as they'd have
to put the news stories on both front pages. But how hard is CTRL C
and then CTRL V? C'mon!
jef   07/Feb/2001:13:07:13
i of course shall email dave with these suggestions, but i thought all
y'all should have them too, in the event you need to do a similar

anything by rage against the machine [duh]
anything by atari teenage riot [also duh]
lots of billy bragg
selected REM
all kinds of bad religion, dead kennedys, other punk, etc.
a lot of ani defranco
some beautiful south
some housemartins
10,000 maniacs had some stuff back in the day when natalie merchant was
writing their lyrics...
suzanne vega's "luka" or the lemonheads cover counts, being about child
i could go on and on...

(for once my leftist musical leanings pay off)
sarah   07/Feb/2001:11:38:33
as does they might be giants.

they have a lovely ditty on someones racist friend, i am sure grahm has
a copy of it.
Grahm Gus 07/Feb/2001:09:21:52
Sometimes I look around.

This day, the Lord hath frosted the trees.

AD'n'D might happen Sunday if people like it.
Ness has a schedule of some sort. I shall consult her.

All of Carter's songs are about social injustice, as are many of the
songs from the Smash Hit Broadway Production "Hair."
Dave   07/Feb/2001:00:44:29
Greetings all. You may notice that my my name has an unusual yellow
cast to it this evening. That is because I need your help. I am
currently taking a rather interesting independent study course on
economic and social justice. I have negotiated with my instructor to
compile a CD of protest music as one of the assignments for this course.
This is where you all come in. I have a good start on it, but I need
more. If any of you have a favorite song about the evils of capitalism,
racism, sexism etc. I would love to add it to the list. Please e-mail
me your suggestions. I would be happy to get you a copy of the
finsihed product (and a big hug as well).

help me fight the good fight,

From each according to [their] ability, to each according to
sarah   06/Feb/2001:09:26:12
it's all good ness darling, I haven't been around much either though.
Been busy moving and all. Which i have a new address and such, if
anyone is curious, you know how to email me. (this is a hint for
email). I miss you as well. And you know where to find my stuff ness,
even though I haven't been writing too much lately. Hence the "sarah
can't go to college and is greatly depressed" type of thing. Meet in
dekalb some day ness, and maybe we'll ride off into the sunshine
Wade M Saathoff   06/Feb/2001:08:49:29
There's a hattery you say?
Nesssssssssssssss   05/Feb/2001:21:48:16
A brief visit from me. I know you are all aghast and stuff. D-&-D would
rule if the timing is right. I have some sort of hockey item happening
at times, but details could pissibly be hashed out. I miss you guys.
I really truly do. Right, so you all need to open accounts at my bank
or something. MidAmerica National Bank, River Drive in Moline.
Attached to the sign that says Shive Hattery. Really, you can't miss
the sign...well, maybe you can. Anyway, it will open realy soon, and I
know you all love me. So Do it. Or don't, it might be fun though.
Kris, the cute teller takes lunch from 12:30 to 1:00 so if you were to
pop in or something, do it at some other time. Right.

Sarah, I hope things are well. I don't get to do this as often as I
would like. Haven't read your things is a while. This makes me pout.
flower   05/Feb/2001:13:36:10
i like the fish
and the cordoba was cool
and my lunch was no other color than orange
Berserko Graham   05/Feb/2001:10:58:53
Ssomething isss amIssss
Me am Berserko Graham
Me 'n you am fRendz
Grahm Gus (Ssometimes) 04/Feb/2001:15:44:29
Those lousy fesh ain't MY overlords, --&-- or no --&--.

As for AD-&-D (let's see you screw THAT up, you rotten fesh bastards)
it's not entirely unfeasible that something could happen next weekend.
I'll have to get working on that then.
Cuz I've got plans.
Plans that'll fix you good!
Kris   02/Feb/2001:13:24:04
Hey, You, Adam, What's up with the stinking dashes hedging in
my -&- ? No sir, I don't like it.
Kris   02/Feb/2001:13:22:04
All hail our new supreme overlords, the devil fisk of
the unphreeba nebula. I would also like to play AD-&-D soon.
Wade M Saathoff   01/Feb/2001:15:02:44
Nobody would follow an unkrasamatic fesh like ole glow skull!

I love em
Grahm Gus 01/Feb/2001:09:52:46
Also the orange fish is the scariest thing in the world.
If you want TDMC to be associated with ravenous killer glowing fish
flying through the night sky to terrorize and devour children, then by
all means, keep that logo!
Grahm Gus 01/Feb/2001:09:30:10
Everything is back down.
The e-mail seems to be working but all my sites have been disabled yet
again. So now I'm saving my money not for a computer but for airplane
tickets to Florida so I can murder Kevin Kemp and everybody he likes.
Janice Fowler   01/Feb/2001:00:26:09
Question Posed:

Are the fish okay as TDMC's new Logo?
Are the fish cool on the Google Results page?
They look good on our distrubution CD's --
which you will see soon!

Coming Soon: TDMC Distrubution Software.

You'll like it, because it's good.

Janice Fowler.
Grahm Gus 31/Jan/2001:17:59:37
Everything is back up for the time being.
I don't know how long this will last.
Hopefully the wicked naughty Florida monkey weasel will push the button
we asked him to push 3 months ago and everything will be solved.
I think I had at least 14 heart attacks today.
I'm breathing a little easier now and I'm about to go home and eat
dinner with my mom.
Also I got the game Stop Thief in the mail today.
It RULES!!!!
Gus   31/Jan/2001:15:14:53
false alarm
the floaty head can be seen there
but the links won't work as they still point to the old site which has
been stolen from me by one Mr Kevin Kemp. If you see Kevin, be sure to
kick him until he stops breathing for me.
So you can navigate clumsily by typing things like:
were there a gun i'd be firing it
Gus Gus (temp) 31/Jan/2001:15:01:26
theoretically, i can be found at the above link
there have been some gut-wrenching blows to my good friend gB, but he
is pulling through and will hopefully be good as new later this week
sarah   31/Jan/2001:09:20:08

gus and the gov. is down.

and i can't get on the front page of here

and the roads are full of ice

and i need to shave my legs

what is going on here?????

madness, madness!!!
Mr. FZ   30/Jan/2001:14:49:31
Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is not
truth. Truth is not beauty. Beauty is not love. Love is not music.
Music is the best.
EJ Crackerhorn   30/Jan/2001:09:45:39
I might have part of one episode on tape.
I'll keep an eye out for it.

Ooooo baby baby baby!
mitch   29/Jan/2001:17:43:26
sorry, my email is
mitch   29/Jan/2001:17:38:51
I have looked all over for "live on tape" with no luck, so I figured
mabey somebody in here might know.
When fox18 was just kljb t.v. they had a show called "Live on
Tape", it was a cheesy sketch show but it was hilarious. I was
wondering if anybody knew anything about it and if possibly know where
I could find old episodes.

Thanx 01
Bob   26/Jan/2001:17:59:08
There is much sadness in the heart of the Bob. Although he does have
"The Nubian Nut" in his possession, there is no Chicago in his near
future. He has had an additional rehearsal thrust upon him, one which
he cannot escape.

But within the next few months, he will come to visit his friends. He

Until then,

Your faithful servant,

Me   25/Jan/2001:13:22:30
Adam V. Pilon   25/Jan/2001:12:34:57
How is it that we are supposed to contact you, concern?

concern   25/Jan/2001:11:42:57
I don't know if anybody remembers when kljb tv first came on the air,
but they had this television show called "LIVE ON TAPE" it was a
hilarious sketch show. I have been looking for it for about 3 months
now, if anybody can help me find this, it would be very appreciated. I
might give you a dollar.

Thank you. and please help

Willy Wonka   25/Jan/2001:09:19:52
I feel I must be offended that No one listened to Charlie when taking
my Wonkavator apparatus. The wonkavator will take you where you need
to go! It will fit all of you! Thats right, and the best thing about
it, is that the wonkavator is free! Thats right my friends, Free!!!
Now you don't want to steal the joy of little charlie by not
acknowledging his genius idea do you! Poor charlie.....maybe him and
veruca can get it on for a little while....

Mr. Willy Wonka
Grahm Gus 25/Jan/2001:09:10:53
I'm theoretically getting my tire fixed today.
So assuming that the Service Engine Soon Light is a hoax, we'll be
okay. The light hasn't come on the last few times I've driven. So if
I can fix my tire today then we can all take Jyak - the Geek-Mobile.
Kris   24/Jan/2001:23:37:32
Hey, I just had an idea. how 'bout all of
us riding up on the train? It would take longer, and
probably cost more, and cut down on our chi-town fun time,
but Dave would only have to make it to galesburg and back, a measly
commute. Unless someone else has access to a roomy car, for, while
i dont' mind driving, my car doesn't accomodate Dave very well.
keep me posted on travel arrangements.

George Clinton   24/Jan/2001:23:09:10
The Nubian Nut, my uninformed and crunchy friend, just happens to be the
crowning achievement of the funk genre. While I have produced many
legendary songs like Atomic Dog and Nuclear Fishin, "the nut"
funk-d-fies the spirit like no other. Even white folks can dance to
this one.
T-O-A-S-T Toast 24/Jan/2001:16:05:17
What's going on?

What on earth is "The Nubian Nut" and why is it so important to so many
people? It sounds terrible.
Cliff S.   24/Jan/2001:14:46:24
Captian - where the hell ARE YOU??!!
Wade M Saathoff   24/Jan/2001:14:40:25
toast is a fire in which we burn, get some

brought to you by toast

buy an eerie green strom lantern today and earn free toast points good
towards the purchase of toast

toast, it's what you like

Janice Fowler   24/Jan/2001:14:39:12
Just to let you all know:
The Concern's Open Forum will be
moving to the "eComs." Button
real soon.

If when you come to TDMC looking to
post a message on The Open Forum and
cannot locate the "Open Forum" Button
on The Concern's Navigator 5.4, look no
further than "eComs."

Thank you and have
a great day.

The TDMC Transition Team
Janice Fowler.
flower   24/Jan/2001:13:55:11
wow. who had the "Nubian nut"?? i'm trying to remember the melody, but
have "doin' the butt" stuck in my head...
charlie   24/Jan/2001:10:28:28
take the wonkavator!
Grahm Gus 24/Jan/2001:09:41:10
What's going on?

I suppose we can try to all go in my car
even though one tire tends to go flat and the service engine soon light
has been on for over a week for no apparent reason and the engine
temperature gauge fluctuates wildly and is therefore useless and the
last time it was in chicago the wheel broke off
but apart from taking 2 cars i don't see another option
Dave   23/Jan/2001:21:17:18
I am officially confirming my desire to attend the Chicago festivities.
I am doing so only because all of you might normally expect me to drive
on such an occasion. Unfortunately, my car's transmission is less than
happy, and as grahm can confirm, an unhappy Fifth Avenue can leave you
stranded in a far away city for a week. Therefore I am soliciting
transportation to the windy city for myself and probably Kris. On a
lighter note, Bob, you go girl. "Holdin a shield that's a glowin green,
raising a spear that shoots laser beams. Ridin in a space ship up and
down the street tootin at the fine women on the block he meet. Goin
down to the studio track by track and lettin everyone know the Empire
struck back!
Adam V. Pilon   23/Jan/2001:16:22:34
Hey Bob... I'll be happy to pick up / drop you off. I'll give you a
call tonight.

Bob Manasco   23/Jan/2001:16:08:51
Glad to hear about Crochety Tiger, Friggin' Dragon. I am definitely
planning to come up for the weekend. I may not have use of my car,
though, so would it be possible for someone to pick me up from the
Chicago Amtrak station (225 S. CANAL ST.) Friday night and drop me back
off there Sunday morning?

I miss all you's, and would love to attend the shindig this weekend.

Bob Jovi

P.S. I just downloaded "The Nubian Nut" from Napster. :)
Bon Jovi's Hairdress   23/Jan/2001:14:45:10
you don't want to wax this mans bikini line....

trust me!
Bon Jovi   23/Jan/2001:14:43:50
I now have new and exciting songs on the pop charts. I also think i
should be known more for my acting career than for my failure as a
singer. I was in U-571, and personally, i deserve an oscar damnit! An

p.s. i'm a very hairy person.
Grahm Gus 23/Jan/2001:13:49:58
YAAAY! Crotching Tiger!
I can't wait!
I can't even wait!

As for Bon Jersi, I have no opinion, really.
I kinda like that Wanted: Dead or Alive song though.
flower   22/Jan/2001:14:10:46
i say nayyyyyy
voting board   22/Jan/2001:09:15:36
All of those wanting to change the name of New Jersey to Bon Jersi in
honor of the garden states greatest band Bon Jovi. If wanting to vote to
change the name please say "hooray"!

The voting board of operations
Confuzed   21/Jan/2001:15:56:21
But I DID say August 4th.
You can read it for your self.
It clearly says August 4th.
I was right.
I love Megan and I won't have you try and take her from me.
Nesssssssssssssss   20/Jan/2001:16:19:26
A lot happens on the forum in a week. Grahm, if you meant my sister
Megan, her birthday was not the day you mentioned. It would have been
more correct to mention August 4 in that case. Right. Dancing Monkey
evil Macha sounds like a great idea but driving a long time to see it
does not. It happens. I still have no functioning email at work
which means I have to find constructive ways of wasting time. As it
stands, I have failed. Sheesh.

I now need a nap. I am a sleepy monkey.
sarah   18/Jan/2001:10:31:00
d greatly appreciate it! i will provide food, a place to sleep, a
comfy place to sleep, entertainment, cats to play with, and any other
fun and exciting things that beloit can provide....

thank you!

sarah   18/Jan/2001:10:28:43
friends, i have some pleas for help:

(i shall put them in numbered order)

1) Just found out last night that another one of the cats at my current
abode is pregnant. So what does this mean? That we will have yet more
cats to overrun this world, and also the farm I reside on unless
someone is compassionate to take them. She was impregnated over a
month ago, and being as we just realized last night that she is
pregnant, she should be having her kittens in less than a month.
The mother is a funky looking tabby with not quite stripes, but more
circular patters, like crop circles! on her back. The dad is white
with orangey colored tips and points, (very pretty) and bright blue
eyes. Both have incredibly friendly dispostions.
Please find some love for these future cats! pleaaaasssseeee.

2) I am moving! yes! same area, just out. I got an apartment with my
boyyfriend and we are moving the weekend of Feb. 1'st. If anyone would
like to help us move, that would be wonderful! I woul
Grahm Gus 17/Jan/2001:14:56:37
1) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is probably good enough to be seen
twice, especially if the second time is at the IMAX.
2) If it isn't, there will perhaps be something just as groovy playing
at the IMAX theater. If not, perhaps there's a theater in Chicago that
actually is cool enough to get either Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? or
The Gift.
3) Blue Öyster Cult is playing at Navy Pier in Chicago on August 4th.
This day is Sarah's birthday. (And I think Megan's as well. Am I
right?) Everybody should go to that. I'll look into ticket prices and
4) I want to thank Adam for making the buttons on the left BOOP.

Sad in slacks
Happy when I lacks (them)
peeping tom   17/Jan/2001:14:55:29
will it be clothing optional???

that would be good....
realllll good
Adam V. Pilon   17/Jan/2001:14:16:14
Good Day!

In an attempt to take some control and provide some stability to the
Crouching Tiger situation, I am posting the following:

Hear Ye, Hear ye!
I would like to invite you all to Chicago the weekend of the 26th-27th-
28th! Come for the Legos, stay for the Movie! We can all go to Jef's
on Friday Night, the 26th, and enjoy an evening of colored, inter-
conecting, plastic blocks... And on Saturday, Crouching Tiger at IMAX
(pending that it's still showing) I'd like to invite you all** to the
Pilon Apartment on Saturday for dinner before the movie!

That is all...

**Members and Extended Members of The Group and TDMC users are defined
by "all."
jefffffffFFFFFFFF do i like it when it's good? 17/Jan/2001:13:19:22
hey, if y'all are seeing that tiger movie this weekend, what does that
do to plans for IMAX on the 26th?
cuz i was planning for Legos on the 25th, but it would be easier to do
it on the 26th.
yea or nay?

fill me in cap'n...

oh, and i don't think we needed to be told that derik's an idiot on the
front page. i think we almost all know that, even if only on a
subconscious level. there might be some arguments on the "fat"
and "little" parts tho.

oh, and all of my grad school apps are done and in the mail. say your
prayers to god, yahweh, gus, eris, or cthulhu that i get in and get
some money. the fluorescents are stealing the soul i don't have as it

they call me mr. smith
Grahm Gus 17/Jan/2001:09:56:49
Everybody who likes it when it's good, raise your hands.


Now, everybody who wants to go to DeKalb Saturday Night to see some
kind of Tyger and also a Dragon raise your hands.

9:40 PM.
But first, dinner with Sarah and her Peter at like 7:00 PM.
Ronnie James Dio   17/Jan/2001:09:44:19
Shut up!
urban Crimefighter   17/Jan/2001:05:05:10
Holy diver err tiger, you've been gone to long in the midnight
sea, Ride the tiger whatch him go as he takes a pee. Oh I gotta
get away Ride the tiiiiiigggggggger you can see his stripes so you know
he's clean. Oh what are they doing to meeeeeeeeeee?

fuckin dio mutha lova
Dave   16/Jan/2001:22:09:18
Dilate this Pearl! That's right pansy, I'm calling you out. We'll see
who cares for eyes more than you when I rip yours out with a corkscrew
and skull fuck you. Some of us like to avoid undue eye strain when

Wade, with regard to this [insert amusing verb and animal here] movie,
I'm with you, my brother. I say we form a go team to acquire it in Iowa
City. If it's good, and still there, we see it again at the IMAX.
Nothing personal people, but good entertainment, rare beast that it is,
waits for no party or checkbook. Who's with us!

The gods made heavy and saw that it was good. They told us to play as
loud as hell and we promised that we would.
call me sue   16/Jan/2001:13:38:00
flower   16/Jan/2001:13:19:41
you know, lego makes some pretty cool stuff.
like a car that has actual car stuff
like pistons and differentials and whatnot
and you can get a motor for it.
and they have droids
and robots
and lazer death rays
no, they don't have those

Wade M Saathoff   16/Jan/2001:10:31:33
Wade F Saathoff   16/Jan/2001:09:56:59
Wade M Saathoff   16/Jan/2001:08:48:33
all you blokes with your random exceptions, you know what, I'ma gonna
go to see the bloody dragon filthy catmongre as soon as applicable, if
that means opposing the rising tide of folks that don't want to go see
it whenever anybody else wants to see it, then fine! youtz all can
just get outa hea

go on nau

don't call me sue   15/Jan/2001:22:30:55
this whole thinger that peeple have beene talkin' about is my next
'tis another bout of LEGO action, where i dump my substantive collection
of brightly coloured briks on the for-once clean floor of my livin'
room [tanks ma] and then invite my most loved people to come 'n' play
with them.

the last one was a blast.
i'm hoping many will attend.
all ages are welcome. i believe the youngest will be 17 and the oldest
will be old than i, and that's old enuf.

more details later.
jim bobs girl   15/Jan/2001:16:15:54
this here jim doesn't like his chickens hatched, he likes em half baked
with salsa.

whats this here about jef sueeeeeeee having a party
Jim   15/Jan/2001:16:03:38
Jim WAS in fact trying to think of others: If the movie isn't showing,
how does that effect others? Poorly I should think. If it has to be
delayed a week, That's not a problem. Getting together for two events
rather than one (Jef's Party and IMAX Tiger) is a good thing.

Let's hope it works out for the best.

Jim's Other Brother   15/Jan/2001:15:56:09
Plus, word on the strizeet is that Jef is havin' a fly party the
weekend of the 26th!

Jim's Other Brother - Rufus
Jim's Brother   15/Jan/2001:15:53:58
You know, Jim, Sarah isn't the only one who can't come up this weekend.
For instance, Grahm has plans this weekend that anchor him pretty
securely to the Quad Cities area. Think of somebody other than
yourself for once, you snotty bastard.

Jim's Brother - Jim2
Jim   15/Jan/2001:15:08:05
Hey Sarah -- We're not sure the movie will be running that far out.
with only one screen, they tend to change the show often. Anychance of
you being able to borrow a couple of bucks to make it this coming

sarah the cow girl 15/Jan/2001:13:24:05
hey folkaroonies

no one said anything....sooooooo

is anyone up for the constipated cat on the 26/27/28???? of this month
of our holy feline, ano domini?

and i'm sure beloit has some kick ass news stories everyone wants to
hear......right? right.....

like the night the cow moo'ed i'm sure that would work.

Adam V. Pilon   14/Jan/2001:23:43:24
I need some help, boys and girls.....
My staff has been having some trouble writing "stories" for the front
page 'cause we haven't been in the loop lately. What's going on?
Something interesting happen to you lately? What's new?

Write up something in the form of a news story, and submitt it to me.
Georgia or myself will post it on the front page, giving you the by-
line. Imagine! You can be a guest columnist on Triple Digit Media
Concern's front page! It's the easiest way to become a published
author. Go for it.

Anything will do... Did you have a particularly good glass of Kool-Aid
brand soft drink? How about a good restfull night? Did you have a
wonderful telephone call? Tell us about it!

Submit stories to

Thank you and have a wonderful soda.

Dr. Pearl   14/Jan/2001:18:46:13
Listen, four-eyes, set your desktop to something other than 640X480!
Get with the 2000's, 1024X768 is the standard!
Dave   14/Jan/2001:14:47:55
Important bit of business #1: Someone contact me via conventional means
when the incontinent tiger blows the dragon as I don't check this forum

Important bit of business #2: As has been frequently noted by TDMC's
devoted fans, the new buttons are indeed sexy. Bravo, Control, mackerel
for you. The problem with this new system is that I can't make the
buttons move anymore. They are more petite, but being able to push them
nearly off the screen to read my e-mail was handy. If this function
could be returned it would make me ever so happy.

Nesssssssssssssssss   12/Jan/2001:19:14:59
Hey people. Goerge Lucas is in da house more than me. That sucks.
You have all been keeping busy and I am so very jealous. Really.
More to come when the computer is again happy.
sarah 12/Jan/2001:18:39:28
go see pouncing kitty cat on the weekend of the 26th!!! i have to come
to town!

and i'll have money then, not next weekend, cause i'm a poor poor wait a couple weekends???

pretty please pretty please??? with cherries and me (err wait that
sounds wrong) on top?

George Lucas   12/Jan/2001:12:55:28
No, you shut up!
George Lucas   12/Jan/2001:11:59:34
Shut up!
George Lucas   12/Jan/2001:10:40:23
I think it's all just a farce, myself.
karate Peter Kriss   12/Jan/2001:09:17:44

Do you actually think that a band member of Kiss is allowed to sleep?
Well if you do the answer is no. I have so many pictures I have to
sign. Plus im nearly immune to the I.V now, if you know what I mean.
Anywhooooooo time to practice, new Kiss reunion I have to get ready

bye for now,

Adam V. Pilon   11/Jan/2001:23:31:24
Okay.. Here's the deal.. I called IMAX today, and the lady couldn't
give me any details on how long Jumping Lion would be there. Like any
other corporate theater, they aren't given movie information until the
Thursday before the next movie-week. I was thinking perhaps the
weekend of the 21-22 would be good -- as since this movie is doing so
well, I expect it should still be here.

So, let's tentatively schedual some cool get together in Chicago that
weekend. We can get a bunch to go and see the Kicking Kitty movie.

Details to follow.

As a good friend of mine, whose nomenclature is Wade, used to say:
End of Line
Adam Vincent Pilon
Kris   11/Jan/2001:21:58:39
Must Must Must Must
go see cringing tigger hoppin' dragoon at IMAX.
I insist upon it. Now.
Engrish Funny   11/Jan/2001:16:08:17
Please Make Me Clean.
Becuase I always want to be Clean.
Trent nin 11/Jan/2001:15:30:38
D'Iz'Zg'I'Sp'Y   11/Jan/2001:14:43:49
I can punch you 6 times.
Yankee Sorbet   11/Jan/2001:09:00:46
Peter...What the heck were you up at 5:48 in the AM?
Just Wondering,
Yankee Sorbet.
Peter Chris   11/Jan/2001:05:48:43

Is this true? could it be? yes an open forum, my dream and prayers
have finelly been answered.

Thank the maker. (keep on rockin)

Peter Chris (Kiss)