Grahm Eberhardt & Susan Hart Pregnant!

This just in (o4/o5/2oo1) Grahm Eberhardt announced today that he and his new girlfriend, Susan Hart are pregnant! That’s right, our little Grahm is going to be a daddy!

Susan recently received a full physical for employment purposes. During the course of testing, the physicians found some anomalies with her hormones and suggested she have a pregnancy test. Well, the results are in!

“Yes, dear friends, despite birth control pills and spermacide laced condoms, my sexy new friend and I will be having a Christmas Baby of some sort.”

The self proclaimed geek said that he and Susan fully expect the baby to born with glasses, a comic book, and a can or Mr. Pibb, because “We’re the geekiest parents money can buy.”

Grahm and Susan started their 3 week whirlwind romance at a most unlikely place: Stars and Stripes. Grahm, acting as designated driver for some friends, was looking rather bored. Susan, equally un-enamored with the flashing lights and loud noises Stars and Stripe’s uses as a proxy for music, approached Grahm. There wasn’t a lot said during this first meeting, but they both saw something in each other they liked.

Susan and Grahm have moved in with each other. Those of you who have visited Grahm’s pad are probably wondering how two people, let alone ONE person and someone else’s stuff, could possibly cohabitate in such a small domicile. The couple have moved into the two bedroom apartment that lies in front portion of the Mercury Marketing building.

“…for those of you who come visiting, please use the set of stairs closer to the street from now on.”

The couple have know for a few days about the pregnancy, but didn’t want to announce it to the world until each could notify their families.

“I talked with [my Mom] last night and so now I can tell the world. And I figured the best way to do that would be to submit it to the TDMC News Staff.”

Grahm and Susan are not planning marriage in the near term. They’re taking things one thing at a time. Grahm said that they might consider marriage next year.

story by Adam V. Pilon